Compass Group Canada Celebrates 9th Annual Stop Food Waste Day, Emphasizing Commitment to Reduce Food Waste by 50% by 2030

TORONTO, April 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Compass Group Canada, the leading food and support service provider in the country, is proud to announce its participation in the company’s 9th annual, global Stop Food Waste Day. This annual event uses the company’s megaphone to shed a spotlight on food waste through awareness, education and action. Stop Food Waste Day is part of Compass Group Canada’s commitment to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030 and the company’s global Planet Promise to be Net Zero by 2050.

To meet these goals, the company is using innovative approaches to measure and remove food waste across its operations, including the launch of their proprietary waste management tech, Waste Not 2.0 launched last year, that provides waste tracking technology, coupled with data analytics to monitor food waste and identify areas for improvement. Through their Stop Food Waste Day campaign, the company hopes to inspire Canadians to join the cause and reduce food waste at home, with recent statistics indicating that Canadians waste over 50 million tonnes of food every year, equivalent to 9.8 million tonnes of CO2 [according to].

"Stop Food Waste Day has become an iconic event and something we all look forward to at Compass Group Canada,” said Saajid Khan, CEO of Compass Group Canada and ESS North America. "Waste of any kind in a business is simply bad business. Food waste has major implications for the planet and it’s critical we use our unique position as a leader in the food industry and we need to hold ourselves accountable to do the right thing not just on Stop Food Waste Day, but every day. This event is a terrific opportunity to rally our people and our communities together to bring this important issue to the forefront," he said.

To meet their 2030 commitment to reduce food waste by 50%, Compass Group Canada is focused on diverting unused food before it becomes waste and implementing waste mitigation technology. Two notable examples of these methods in action include:

  • Partnering with 120 non-profit organizations to donate over 276,000 meals, diverting 244,000+ kg of GHG emissions.
  • Using technology that converts unavoidable food waste into environmentally safe liquid, resulting in the removal of 14.61 kg of methane gas and 19.78 tonnes CO2e GHGs

“As we celebrate Stop Food Waste Day again this year, I’m proud to say our teams are ‘all in’ on exploring fresh, inventive ways to remove waste from our operations. Whether it's teaming up with chefs to turn food scraps into culinary delights or embracing new tech that pinpoints waste hotspots for us to tackle head-on, we're committed to fostering a culture of sustainability that extends far beyond our organization," said Heather Wilkie, executive vice president, business transformation.

Compass Group Canada invites communities across the country to join the Stop Food Waste Day campaign by taking simple yet impactful actions, including trying out recipes in their Stop Food Waste Day Cookbook, exploring food storage tricks that keep food fresh longer, and only shopping for ingredients to be used in the next few days.

Through this annual digital campaign, the company aims to amplify awareness and inspire collective action towards a more sustainable future.

For more information about Stop Food Waste Day and how you can participate in the campaign, visit

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