C-FER Technologies Working with Taiwan R&D Centre to Ensure Hydrogen Pipeline Safety

New Agreement Supports Adapting Existing Pipelines for Hydrogen Transportation

EDMONTON, Alberta, April 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- C-FER Technologies has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Metal Industries Research and Development Center (MIRDC) in Taiwan to work together to advance technologies and expertise related to pipeline material performance and integrity, with a focus on pipelines transporting hydrogen.

C-FER is excited to be working with MIRDC. Both organizations have a corporate vision to contribute to the advancement of the global metal and energy industries. Brian Wagg, Director of Business Development and Strategic Planning for C-FER says, “We see a great benefit to our two companies and our clients by sharing our expertise in metallurgy and equipment performance for pipelines transporting hydrogen.”

The collaboration opportunities enabled by the MOU are expected to include:

  • Training to research staff and industry and government stakeholders on hydrogen related challenges;
  • Testing and analytical services to industry clients using C-FER’s new testing systems established with support of the Alberta Hydrogen Centre of Excellence and Prairies Economic Development Canada;
  • Assistance in the development of local standards and regulations; and
  • Support for technical conferences to share the new knowledge with local industry and government stakeholders.

For hydrogen to be successfully adopted in a reasonable time frame, existing infrastructure such as natural gas pipelines and underground storage will have to be repurposed. This agreement focuses on adapting traditional pipeline management approaches to the transportation of hydrogen in Taiwan’s existing infrastructure.

Bringing Alberta-based Expertise to the World
This agreement will enable projects that will use Alberta and Canadian engineering, testing and analysis expertise to address challenges in Taiwan and will increase the exposure of Alberta supply chain companies in the Asian marketplace.

Complementary Areas of Expertise
C-FER and MIRDC’s complimentary areas of expertise will facilitate the sharing of knowledge and technologies from each organization and create opportunities for further technology advancement.

MIRDC’s focus is on improving metal performance and metal forming technologies over a broad range of applications from energy transportation and storage to medical devices.

C-FER’s reputation as experts in evaluating equipment performance, managing safety, and maintaining the integrity of natural gas pipeline systems, positions us to play a key role in ensuring the safe, reliable transportation and storage of hydrogen.

C-FER’s expertise includes:

  • Validating the structural performance of equipment using full-scale tests in simulated operating environments including hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide and other severe environments
  • Performing quantitative risk assessments of pipeline systems including underground storage facilities. This includes evaluating a broad range of threats to pipeline reliability and modeling the consequences of releases.
  • Developing advanced pipeline design methods that employ techniques such as reliability-based and strain-based design
  • Helping industry and regulators to revise codes and standards to incorporate new analysis and engineering techniques to account for changes in operating conditions and products such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide

C-FER Technologies is working with industry to evaluate, de-risk and implement technologies that enable the widespread use of hydrogen. C-FER is helping industry develop new standards for hydrogen-ready equipment and update industry codes and standards to ensure the safe transition to hydrogen. C-FER’s engineering consulting services and testing facilities can recreate real-world conditions at full-scale. We are helping industry in the areas of safe CO2 and hydrogen transportation, design and construction of hydrogen storage wells, and managing risk, reliability, integrity management and maintenance of equipment. In addition, C-FER assembles Joint Industry Projects that leverage resources, experience and data from industry and government agencies to develop comprehensive solutions that impact the entire industry.

C-FER Technologies is a subsidiary of Alberta Innovates.

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