Tanqueray Nº TEN’s Tiny TEN Emerges as the Cocktail of Milan Design Week, with Over Ten Thousand Served

Tanqueray Nº TEN honours exceptional artistry with visionary leaders in the design and mixology industries

Tanqueray No.TEN Milan Design Week

MILAN, Italy, April 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diageo’s Tanqueray No. TEN’s Tiny TEN emerges as the cocktail of Milan Design Week through its newly announced partnerships with pioneering designers and brands, whose like-minded pursuit of excellence mirrors the craftsmanship behind the spirit itself. As a part of the celebration of a vibrant new brand vision, Tanqueray hand-selected tastemakers and partners with leading design brands, including Alessi, Meritalia, and Kartell, emphasising a mutual appreciation for craftsmanship and artistic expression across two distinct industries.

Tanqueray’s ongoing "Tastemaker" collaborations, following the debut of the program this April, include leading mixologists shaping global cocktail culture. Agostino Perrone (The Connaught London), Giulia Cuccurullo (Artesian London), Matteo Di Ienno (celebrated Italian bar consultant), and Tiffanie Barriere (“The Drinking Coach”), inducted into the Tales of Cocktail Hall of Fame 2020, are involved in brand collaborations, including Tanqueray's partnerships with Alessi, Wallpaper*, and more. As part of these collaborations, Matteo Di Ienno will host an exclusive masterclass on the iconic Tiny TEN cocktail, showcasing his expertise in crafting a fresh and inventive martini that celebrates these qualities in the world of design. Stay tuned for more partnerships, with Milan Design Week marking only the beginning of this exciting initiative.

Born from the pursuit of a beautifully crisp gin that elevates cocktail experiences, Tanqueray Nº TEN has continuously redefined cocktail culture. Now, for the first time, Nº TEN delves into the craft behind the beloved spirit, highlighting the genius of cocktail mixology and its place in the design world.

Tanqueray Nº TEN, the first ultra-premium gin, unveils its newly redesigned bottle by Yvonne Eng-Hall, designer of bottle and glassware from Design Bridge. Paying homage to the artistry of the spirit and the cocktails it inspires, the contemporary design, reminiscent of the iconic cocktail shaker, features a distinct copper cap, a nod to the Tiny TEN - a minute copper still where Tanqueray Nº TEN's 'Citrus Heart' is meticulously distilled. The strong, architectural bottle also incorporates a citrus press-shaped glass punt at its base, symbolising the use of the entire citrus fruit in the distillation process. Altogether, it's a bottle that reveres the bold spirit of human artisanship, adhering to Tanqueray's ethos, "generous in spirit, we celebrate the art of process."

Tanqueray No. TEN partners with top-tier designers and international tastemakers, making No. TEN the spirit of the design world. They raise a signature Tiny TEN cocktail to toast an exceptional Design Week, marking the first step in a deeper, ongoing relationship with renowned design brands. Audiences should follow as they continue to show up in creative and exciting ways across the design world and beyond.

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