Zscaler Introduces First of Its Kind Digital Experience Monitoring Copilot to Enable IT Support and Operations with AI

Zscaler Digital Experience (ZDX) Copilot effortlessly unlocks network, device, and application performance insights in real-time to help quickly resolve issues impacting end users

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zscaler, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZS), the leader in cloud security, today announced groundbreaking innovations - ZDX Copilot, Hosted Monitoring, and Data Explorer - to its Zscaler Digital Experience™ (ZDX™) service. The new ZDX Copilot, an AI assistant, instantly analyzes and harnesses knowledge from over 500 trillion data points daily across users, devices, networks, and applications, to provide IT operations, service desk, and security teams insights they need related to digital experience and performance. Teams can ask sequences of questions to effectively converse with Copilot, which uses Generative AI, to review high-level trends and progressively narrow results down to specific actionable insights.

ZDX Copilot delivers numerous benefits across IT and security:

  • Service desk teams can isolate root cause of user complaints to efficiently triage tickets, and collaborate with other teams; they can also easily look up technical information
  • Networking teams can conversationally perform deep analysis across networks, applications and regions to identify trends or find opportunities for optimization
  • Security teams can ensure that their services are performant at all times, and instantly expose root cause of issues and affected parties when performance lags
  • IT leaders can conveniently extract and present digital experience trends and performance insights to show progress, or to identify new opportunities

ZDX Copilot also automates common configuration tasks like setting alerts, when asked. Its versatility can help your IT teams significantly improve efficiency, and collaboration across IT operations, service desk, and security. Every customer is equipped with their own Copilot keeping their company’s data private and secure.

Zscaler also announced the early availability of Zscaler Hosted Monitoring, a service that helps IT operations teams continuously monitor availability and performance of applications and services from globally distributed monitoring infrastructure on Zscaler’s global cloud. With Hosted Monitoring, IT teams can:

  • Ensure that external websites perform at their best, no matter where customers are located
  • Monitor SLA compliance for applications and services purchased from SaaS, cloud, datacenter, or network providers
  • Confidently roll out new applications or expand into new regions as businesses grow, whether organically or through M&A

“As organizations adopt Zero Trust architectures, siloed monitoring tools lose visibility across the data path,” said Dhawal Sharma, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Zscaler. “ZDX reinstates end-to-end visibility across devices, networks, and applications. And with this release, Hosted Monitoring extends 24/7 monitoring to SaaS and external websites from several global locations. Using ZDX Copilot, IT teams such as Service Desk and IT Operations can achieve operational excellence by instantly accessing insights drawn from trillions of performance metrics using GenAI to easily analyze IT issues, and to work collaboratively with speed and accuracy.”

Zscaler Digital Experience has also introduced Data Explorer, which enables IT teams and leaders to easily build and share customized reports that visually correlate data drawn from diverse datasets, contextualizing it for their businesses.

For a deeper dive into the latest enhancements to ZDX, read this blog.

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