insightsoftware Accelerates Logi Symphony with Generative AI Capabilities

Logi AI and SaaS-based deployment enable organizations of all sizes to accelerate data-driven application experiences and customer engagement

RALEIGH, N.C., April 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- insightsoftware, is a global provider of comprehensive solutions for finance, accounting, and operations teams, today announced new AI and SaaS capabilities for Logi Symphony, its flagship embedded business intelligence and analytics (ABI) software suite. Logi Symphony powers thousands of enterprise products, helping product leaders deliver richer data-driven application experiences. The addition of Logi AI revolutionizes business intelligence with customizable Generative AI chatflows and predictive insights tailored for secure, data-driven experiences. In addition, businesses can accelerate time to market with new SaaS-based deployment capabilities. 

“Organizations of all sizes struggle with rapidly deploying analytical solutions, particularly embedded analytics strategies, in the face of growing data volumes and infrastructure complexity. They are uncertain how to best deliver value with AI into existing and new applications,” said Jay Allardyce, General Manager, Data & Analytics at insightsoftware. “With Logi AI and SaaS-based deployment updates, organizations benefit from a complete solution that enables real-time analytics, leveraging the most flexible and scalable AI capabilities and natural language processing, supported by seamless integration and deployment options. insightsoftware is setting a new industry benchmark, simplifying AI adoption coupled with an accelerated SaaS offering that builds on our pioneering embedded heritage that has helped companies deliver data-driven application experiences with impact.” 

Real-Time, Data-Driven Business Insights Powered by AI 
Most AI implementations fail to meet user demands for customization, flexibility, and data security. Logi AI transcends this limitation by offering adaptable Generative AI chatflows with grounded prompts that are context-aware, ensuring relevance and accuracy. Chatflows can be tailored to avoid irrelevant correlations, providing meaningful, actionable insights to users. 

Logi AI integrates a built-in data governance model with support for any LLM/SLM, enhancing data protection and ensuring vital information remains secure without sacrificing quality. It seamlessly integrates any language model with customer data, ensuring insights are grounded in real-time context and avoiding ecosystem lock-in. This flexibility ensures that customers keep pace with technological advancements as their learning and confidence in Generative AI increases and are ready to adopt newer, more robust solutions as they become available without rewriting the core application or buying another solution.   

Fast-Track Your Applications With AI-Driven, Scalable SaaS 
Logi SaaS helps product managers bring applications to market without delay, offering a much faster time to value for customers. The containerized deployment delivers powerful AI insights and scalable growth to accelerate market entry while easing overhead burden with a one-stop integration for all things analytics.   

Organizations spend, on average, $115,856 per developer every year to tackle common concerns like maintenance, upgrades, and security issues. With Logi SaaS, businesses gain a cost-controlled option that will grow with them, making applications stickier from the beginning and overcoming the upfront cost barrier. Logi SaaS also offers a flexible licensing model that empowers small and medium-sized startups and tech companies to ramp up as their customer base grows.   

To learn more about Logi Symphony and its implications for business intelligence and analytics, visit the insightsoftware website. A demo of Logi Symphony’s AI capabilities can also be found here

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