Global CD70 Targeting Therapies Market & Clinical Trials Report 2024 - Insight by Company, Country, Indication & Phase

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In the dynamic landscape of cancer therapeutics, the emergence of precision medicine has transformed treatment paradigms, offering tailored approaches that take advantage of the unique patterns of individual tumors. Recently, the curiosity of various stakeholders from the biotech and pharma companies have turned the limelight from a one size fits all model to a tailored therapeutic strategy that has been underscored by the identification of key molecular drivers implicated in tumorigenesis and progression. Among these, CD70 protein has emerged as a promising therapeutic target, clenching immense potential in the realm of cancer therapy and other treatments.

The research of CD70 as a therapeutic target clenches the panorama of more effective, personalized and customized therapy choices for cancer patients. Initially, the CD70 protein was involved in T cell and B cell activation. However, augmenting evidences from preclinical studies signifies that CD70 protein causes activation of the phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase (PI3K) together with MAP kinase signaling pathways. This activation of signaling pathways further results in activation of numerous transcription factors and thereby the expression of genes involved in cell growth along with survival and causing cancer diseases.

Bestowing research evidences from preclinical studies aid to build confidence and inquisitiveness among various stakeholders across the globe. Therefore, numerous pharma and biotech companies planned to develop CD70 therapy and initiated clinical trials. One of the significant prime movers that aid to advance CD70 protein therapy market is the rise in research collaborations to conduct novel studies. Many firms are joining hands with research institute and hospitals to headway CD70 therapy market. For instance, Chongqing Precision Biotech has partnership with institutes and hospitals, including The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Zhejiang University or Shanxi Bethune Hospital etc., in China to conduct surplus CD70 preclinical and clinical studies.

Concurrently, in the pharmaceutical sector, CD70 targeted therapeutic intervention characterize a promising revolution area. Over the preceding decennium, the sphere of global CD70 therapy market has witnessed the development of several novel, innovative as well as advanced contenders targeting CD70. For instance, candidates like SGN-CD70, bi-4SCAR GD2/ CD70 T cells, CD70 CAR-T cells, CB dualCAR- NK19/70, CTX130, CTX131, ALLO-316 and others have been developed by in the preceding years for the treatment of cancer ailments. As research and advancement expands, it is anticipated that numerous other innovative CD70 therapy will be perceived in future.

Moreover, in order to further augment the therapeutic window in conjugation with boost efficacy, pharma companies have initiated the combinational study of CD70 therapy with other therapies. Currently, a handful of combinations of CD70 therapy are being invested with immunotherapies like CAR-T therapy combination or amalgamation of CAR-T with monoclonal antibody, targeted therapies, chemotherapy, epigenetic modulators, oncolytic viruses and others. The combinational study for CD70 therapy represents a novel as well as compelling frontier in the commercial CD70 therapy landscape.

Solitary of the key characteristics which aid to amplify the sphere of CD70 targeted therapy is fostering investments and collaborations. These partnerships and investments among academic institutions, smaller biotech firms, and larger pharmaceutical companies also aid to speed up the discovery and commercialization of CD70 therapy. For instance, in February 2024, ProfoundBio has raised an investment of US$ 112 Million in Series B financing round in order to advance in its preclinical programs, including PRO1160, a CD70 targeted antibody drug conjugate.

All these examples demonstrate that the realm of CD70 therapy is burgeoning at an incredible gait. At present, US dominates the CD70 therapy segment in terms of research and development. However, China is additionally up surging and expanding the CD70 therapy arena by developing innovative CD70 candidates coupled with initiating many clinical trials. The evolutions from one size fits all model to a tailored therapeutic strategy suggests that developing CD70 therapy clenches immense potential.

Currently, Cusatuzumab (ARGX-110) is the most advanced CD70 candidates that have reached phase II clinical stage for leukemia treatment. In addition to anti-CD70 antibodies, multitudinous other therapeutic approach like CAR-T cell therapy, CAR-NK therapy or tetraspecific antibodies targeting CD70 protein represents that the domain of CD70 therapy is evolving year by year. Moreover, as research further increases for CD70 protein, the domain represents a huge prospect and a fruitful future.

Global CD70 Targeting Therapies Market Opportunity & Clinical Trials Insight 2024 Report Highlights:

  • CD70 Targeting Therapies in Clinical Trials: > 20 Therapies
  • CD 70 Targeting Therapies Clinical Trials Insight by Company, Country, Indication & Phase
  • Insight on CD70 Targeting Therapy Technology Platforms: 6 Platforms
  • FDA & EMA Designations Insight: Orphan, FTD, RMAT Designation
  • Combination Stratagems for CD70 Targeting Therapies
  • Insight on 10 Companies Involved in Development of CD70 Therapies

Key Topics Covered:

1. Unlocking Intricacies for CD70 Targeting Therapy
1.1 Overview to CD70 Targeting Therapy
1.2 Chronicle & Development of CD70 Targeting Therapy
1.3 The Prerequisite for CD70 Targeting Therapy
1.4 Dual Role of CD70 As Diagnostic & Prognostic Biomarker

2. Clinical Approaches for CD70 Targeting Therapy
2.1 Monoclonal Antibody
2.2 Bispecific Antibody
2.3 Tetraspecific Antibody
2.4 CAR T Cell Therapy
2.5 Antibody Drug Conjugate
2.6 CAR-NK Therapy

3. Combination Stratagems for CD70 Targeting Therapies
3.1 In Combination with Immunotherapy
3.2 In Combination with Epigenetic Modulators
3.3 In Combination with Targeted Therapy
3.4 In Combination with Oncolytic Virus Therapy
3.5 In Combination with Chemotherapy

4. CD70 Targeting Therapy by Indications: Current Clinical Development Trends & Innovations
4.1 Leukemia
4.2 Lymphoma
4.3 Gynecologic Cancer
4.4 Renal Cell Carcinoma
4.5 Lung Cancer
4.6 Autoimmune & Inflammatory Disease
4.7 Viral Infections

5. Global CD70 Targeting Therapy Clinical Trials Overview
5.1 By Phase
5.2 By Country
5.3 By Company
5.4 By Indication
5.5 By Priority Status
5.6 Patient Segment

6. CD70 Targeting Therapy Candidates Granted FDA & EMA Designations

7. Global CD70 Targeting Therapy Current Market Trend & Developments
7.1 Current Market Outline
7.2 Future Market Forecast

8. CD70 Targeting Market Opportunity & Clinical Trends by Region
8.1 US
8.2 China
8.3 Europe

9. CD70 Targeting Therapy Development Platforms by Company & Technology
9.1 AlloCAR T Platform
9.2 Gamma Delta Cell Platform
9.3 Tailwind Platform
9.4 DARPin Platform
9.5 SIMPLE antibody platform
9.6 Potelligent Technology

10. Global CD70 Targeting Therapy Market Dynamics
10.1 Market Drivers
10.2 Market Challenges

11. Global CD70 Targeting Therapies Clinical Trials Insight
11.1 Preclinical
11.2 Phase I
11.3 Phase I/II
11.4 Phase II

12. Competitive Landscape

  • Acepodia
  • Adaptimmune (TCR2 Therapeutics)
  • Adicet Bio
  • Allogene Therapeutics
  • Ambrx (Johnson & Johnson)
  • Chinook Therapeutics (Novartis)
  • CRISPR Therapeutics
  • ImmuneOnco Biopharma
  • Pfizer
  • Poseida Therapeutics

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