Mobility CG Supports GoRout in Leading a Sports Technology Revolution

ATLANTA, May 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mobility CG, a leading provider of innovative communication solutions, has proudly announced a successful new collaboration with GoRout, the leader in coach-to-player communications, that empowers real-time delivery of crucial information from a coach’s smartphone or tablet to a player’s wearable smartwatch.

As part of the partnership, Mobility CG is providing GoRout the mobile devices and connectivity needed to support improved player-coach interactions that result in heightened on-field synchronization.

GoRout’s sports technology modernizes communication between coaches and players on the practice field and during gametime. Their advanced platforms enable instant communication from the sidelines, eliminating concerns about sign stealing through secure play calls and pitch selection sent directly to a player’s smartwatch. With real-time feedback and seamless coordination, GoRout teams are able to adapt swiftly to dynamic game situations, gaining a competitive edge in the sports arena.

"Mobility Consulting Group has been an amazing partner from the start. They have gone above and beyond for us in every way," said GoRout CEO and Co-Founder Mike Rolih. "They are incredibly responsive, resourceful, and always looking for a solution when a problem arises. Mobility Consulting Group is a first-class organization with first-class people."

Mobility CG’s team of experts help businesses select and acquire the best equipment and provide onboarding services such as provisioning, kitting, staging and warehousing. These outsourced managed mobility solutions help businesses optimize costs and deliver savings that are often not achievable with in-house solutions.

"We’re thrilled to partner with GoRout to support their mission to redefine sports communication," said Mike McGuire, CEO of Mobility CG. "We’re committed to delivering tailored solutions that empower our clients to achieve their goals efficiently, and the success of our collaboration with GoRout underscores the value of innovation and collaboration in driving positive change in the sports industry."

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About Mobility CG

Mobility CG provides managed mobility solutions to make it easy for companies to acquire, provision, secure and manage enterprise mobile devices in a connected world. Our team of mobility experts help enterprises select and acquire the best equipment and provide onboarding services which include provisioning, kitting, staging, warehousing. Our scale and expertise spans across all industries but we also offer tailored solutions to support the health care, transportation, hospitality, education, government and retail markets.

About GoRout

GoRout is the world's leading coach-to-player communication device company. With over 2,000 teams using GoRout devices, teams are having faster communication, doubling practice reps, and winning more games. For more information, visit


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