Around the Corner, Around the World: Vistar Media Upgrades DSP to Simplify DOOH Campaign Activation Globally

Enhanced demand-side platform unlocks international inventory to reach diverse audiences – all from a single account

Vistar’s Global DSP

NEW YORK, May 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vistar Media, the leading global provider of technology solutions for out-of-home (OOH) media, announced the true globalization of its demand-side platform (DSP). As of today, Vistar’s DSP enables any buyer, from any corner of the world, to seamlessly connect with and purchase advertising space on any digital out-of-home (DOOH) screen, no matter where it's located – all from a single account.

“We’ve recognized a growing need to run impactful, thoughtfully created programmatic DOOH campaigns globally – not just in a single market,” said Ciara Kennedy, SVP of Product at Vistar Media. “Planning and executing cross-market campaigns can be tricky, but it’s our mission at Vistar to simplify the complex, and deliver our advertising partners the tools they need to run effective campaigns wherever and however they need. I’m excited to say our upgraded global DSP delivers on that promise.”

Historically, planning cross-country DOOH campaigns can be challenging for a few reasons:

  • Managing multiple DSP seats for different countries is cumbersome and time-consuming. It complicates campaign management and increases the likelihood of errors;
  • The inability to transact and manage budgets across different currencies within a single account complicates financial planning and reporting;
  • And finally, limitations on targeting and measuring campaign performance across different countries restrict advertisers’ ability to optimize campaigns effectively.

With these new enhancements, buyers planning and executing campaigns in the Vistar DSP can benefit from:

  • A unified DSP planning experience that supports cross-national buying – this simplifies the campaign setup, execution and management processes for advertisers;
  • Cross-currency transactions and budget management within the platform, including displaying all prices in the buyer’s local currency. This can help agencies optimize their ad spend and improve return on investment;
  • And the ability to target audiences and measure campaign performance across multiple countries within a single platform, unlocking new insights and optimization strategies that can be implemented in future campaigns.

“As one of Australia’s leading digital media agencies, we have a handful of clients that want to run campaigns not just in our market, but across New Zealand, the UK, the US, you name it,” said Sebastian Diaz, Senior Digital Solutions Lead at Bench Media. “So for us, having the capability to more easily transact and run OOH campaigns across multiple markets, in one single platform, was a great addition to our media arsenal. Vistar’s global DSP has been very easy to use, has an excellent UI experience and ultimately allows you to plug and play exactly what you need when setting up your campaign – minus the normal complexities that come with running global campaigns.”

“Historically, running OOH campaigns across multiple countries can be a headache, as you have to navigate different currencies, targeting and measurement limitations that differ by country, and other considerations that make campaign planning more time-consuming than it needs to be,” said Lucy Formosa Morgan, Managing Director at Magna Australia. “Vistar’s DSP enhancements break down those nuisances and restrictions, now providing one, centralised and consolidated view when planning a campaign. This is a major step for the programmatic OOH industry and will help to open up further opportunities for campaign optimisation and performance measurement on a global scale.”

Learn more about other recent enhancements made to the Vistar DSP, in addition to how you can plan and activate DOOH campaigns across 30+ countries globally today.

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