Digital Circular Economy Market Expected to Achieve 25.2% CAGR, Reaching USD 17.1 Bn by 2032, Shows Report | DMR

The Digital Circular Economy will experience high growth driven by innovative technologies like IoT, AI, and blockchain, which will revolutionize resource management, supply chain transparency, and sustainable practices across industries. Collaboration, technological development, and regulatory support will create the way for a more resilient, eco-friendly, and economically viable global circular economy.

New York, May 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Overview:

According to Dimension Market Research, The Global Digital Circular Economy Market size reached USD 2.3 billion in 2023 and is further anticipated to reach USD 17.1 billion by 2032 according to Dimension Market Research. The market is anticipated to register a CAGR of 25.2% from 2024 to 2032. 

In the digital device circular economy, interconnected processes create loops within the device's life cycle, highlighting the preservation of value. Through refurbishment & recycling, regenerative practices extend the device's usefulness, meeting user needs, recovering materials, & reducing environmental impact.

Software solutions took the dominance in the Global Digital Circular Economy Market in 2023, serving as the technological backbone for sustainability. Circular economy software supports effective resource management, supply chain optimization, & waste reduction, allowing a sustainable approach. Moreover, the services segment is expected to have significant growth, providing expertise in implementing circular practices. Consultancy services guide businesses in aligning with environmental goals, assisting in supply chain optimization, waste reduction, & eco-friendly product design for a smooth transition to a circular economy, which promotes responsible & sustainable business practices.

Supply chain and material tracking solutions as an application take the lead in 2023, serving as fundamental components in reshaping sustainable practices. Using advanced technologies like blockchain & IoT sensors, these applications allow transparent supply chains, efficient resource management, waste reduction, and improved sustainability across the entire supply chain.

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Important Insights

  • The global digital circular economy market is expected to grow by USD 14.8 billion by 2032 from 2024 with a CAGR of 25.2% during the forecasted years.
  • The software segment drove the Global Digital Circular Economy Market in 2023, facilitating sustainability through resource management, supply chain optimization, and waste reduction, whereas the growing services segment also offers expertise in circular practices implementation.
  • IoT technology dominate the market in 2023, tracking products for efficient resource management, while AI & ML are anticipated to drive sustainability by analyzing data, optimizing resource usage, and enhancing recycling processes.
  • Supply chain & material tracking solutions led in 2023, leveraging technologies like blockchain & IoT sensors for transparent supply chains, resource efficiency, and improved sustainability.
  • Europe dominated the global digital circular economy market with a 35.7% share in 2023, leading to sustainability, whereas Asia Pacific, led by China, Japan, and India, shows a significant growth in eco-friendly digital solutions.

Global Digital Circular Economy Market: Trends

  • Blockchain Integration: Growth in the adoption of blockchain technology for transparent and immutable supply chain tracking, making sure of authenticity and sustainability across product lifecycles.
  • Circular Design Initiatives: Rise in focus on designing products for durability, repairability, and recyclability to reduce waste and maximize resource efficiency.
  • Collaborative Ecosystems: Increase in many collaborative platforms and partnerships among stakeholders to share data, resources, and best practices, promoting innovation and expanding the transition to a circular economy.
  • Policy Support: Governments across the world implement regulations and incentives to promote circular economy practices, driving corporate sustainability initiatives and consumer awareness.

Digital Circular Economy Market: Competitive Landscape

The Global Digital Circular Economy Market's competitive scene is dynamic, shaped by players competing for prominence through technological innovation, sustainability commitment, & holistic solutions. Further, strategic collaborations, product upgrades, & market expansion are common tactics for gaining a competitive advantage in this changing landscape.

Some of the major players in the market include IBM, Capgemini, PwC, KPMG, Oracle, Siemens, and more.

Some of the prominent market players:

  • SAP
  • Capgemini
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • KPMG
  • PwC
  • Siemens
  • Cisco Systems
  • Lanbell Group
  • Anthesis Group
  • Other Key Players

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Digital Circular Economy Market Scope

Report HighlightsDetails
Market Size (2023)USD 2.3 Bn
Forecast Value (2032)USD 17.1 Bn
CAGR (2024-2032)25.2%
Leading Region in terms of Revenue  ShareEurope
Percentage of Revenue Share by Leading Region35.7%
Historical Data2017 – 2022
Forecast Data2025 - 2032
Base Year2023
Estimate Year2024
Segments CoveredBy Offering, By Technology, By Application, By End User
Regional CoverageNorth America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa (MEA)

Regional Analysis

Europe dominated the global digital circular economy market, commanding a 35.7% share in 2023, as the region prioritizes environmental consciousness, encouraging broad adoption of circular economy principles, as EU initiatives promote resource efficiency, waste reduction, & eco-friendly practices, encouraging collaboration between governments & industries. Further, the region's leadership in sustainable development sets global standards for responsible business practices. Also, the Asia Pacific, driven by China, Japan, & India, is experiencing substantial growth, as these countries support innovative digital solutions to address environmental challenges, with China focusing on sustainability through resource monitoring, Japan integrating circular economy principles into smart manufacturing, & India enhancing waste-to-energy processes and recycling initiatives.

By Region

North America

  • The U.S.
  • Canada


  • Germany
  • The U.K.
  • France
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Benelux
  • Nordic
  • Rest of Europe


  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • India
  • ANZ
  • Rest of Asia-Pacific

Latin America

  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Rest of Latin America

Middle East & Africa

  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE
  • South Africa
  • Israel
  • Egypt
  • Rest of MEA

Segment Analysis:

The Internet of Things (IoT) took center stage in 2023, transforming the Global Digital Circular Economy Market. IoT allows complete tracking and monitoring of products and materials throughout their lifecycle, supporting efficient resource management. The inclusion of smart sensors collects usage, condition, and environmental data, promoting transparency and traceability, thus optimizing processes, reducing waste, and promoting product circularity. In addition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) play major roles by analyzing vast datasets and providing actionable insights for sustainable decision-making. AI and ML algorithms optimize resource allocation, predict product longevity, and enhance recycling processes, allowing predictive maintenance and securing the circular economy's resilience and eco-friendliness.

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Digital Circular Economy Market Segmentation

By Offering

  • Software
  • Services

By Technology

  • Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology
  • IoT
  • AI & ML
  • AR & VR
  • VR-Based Training
  • Cloud Computing
  • Others

By Application

  • Supply Chain & Material Tracking
  • Resource Optimization & Efficiency
  • Digital Resale & Reuse
  • Reverse Logistics & Remanufacturing
  • Circular Economy Reporting & Compliance
  • Circular Waste Management & Recycling
  • Smart Material Selection & Testing
  • Others

By End User

  • Consumer Electronics
  • IT & Telecom
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction And Building
  • Others

Global Digital Circular Economy Market: Driver

  • IoT Integration: IoT technologies provide complete tracking and monitoring, improving resource management, and promoting transparency throughout product lifecycles.
  • AI and ML Optimization: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning look into large datasets, delivering insights for sustainable decision-making, optimizing resource usage, and predicting product lifespan.
  • Enhanced Sustainability Practices: Advanced technologies allow predictive maintenance, minimizing waste, and enhancing recycling processes, providing a more resilient and eco-friendly circular economy.
  • Smart Supply Chain Management: IoT applications simplify supply chain operations, optimize efficiency, reduce waste, and contribute to the overall sustainability and circularity of products.

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Global Digital Circular Economy Market: Restraints

  • Infrastructure Challenges: Limited infrastructure in a few regions impacts the broad adoption of digital technologies crucial for effective circular economy practices.
  • Data Privacy Concerns: Rising concerns over data privacy and security may affect the sharing of sensitive information important for transparent supply chain management and circularity.
  • Initial Investment Costs: High initial costs linked with implementing digital solutions and upgrading existing infrastructure may frighten some businesses from the complete adoption of circular economy principles.
  • Technological Complexity: Complexities in integrating many digital technologies like IoT, AI, and blockchain into existing systems may create challenges for companies transitioning to circular economy models.

Global Digital Circular Economy Market: Opportunities

  • Enhanced Resource Efficiency: Digital technologies provide accurate tracking and monitoring, leading to optimized resource usage and reduced waste throughout product lifecycles.
  • Transparency and Traceability: IoT integration creates transparency by providing live data on product origins, conditions, and environmental impact, prompting trust among consumers and stakeholders.
  • Sustainable Innovation: The digital circular economy allows innovation in product design, manufacturing, and recycling processes, fueling the development of eco-friendly and recyclable products.
  • Market Expansion: The adoption of digital circular economy principles opens up new market opportunities, attracting environmentally conscious consumers and investors while aligning with regulatory trends providing sustainability

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Recent Developments in the Digital Circular Economy Market

  • October 2023: SAP announced that it upgraded its Responsible Design & Production Suite, introducing an enhanced version with improved EPR reporting capabilities & integration with multiple ERPs, supporting its commitment to provide responsible design and production practices.
  • October 2023: Honeywell & GranBio Technologies announced a collaboration to produce carbon-neutral sustainable aviation fuel in the US using biomass residues, focusing on establishing a circular economy presence in aerospace.
  • September 2023: Capgemini acquired HDL Design House, enhancing its ability to provide advanced solutions aligned with circular economy principles through integrated silicon design & verification services.
  • April 2023: Cisco & Leonardo announced a strategic MoU to collaborate on sustainable technology solutions, focusing on the green transition & eco-friendly innovations in logistics & transportation.

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