Evergreen Tree Services: Enhancing Community Safety With Professional Tree Services in Portland, OR

Evergreen Tree Services actively contributes to the betterment of the Sherwood community by providing professional tree services that enhance both safety and environmental health.

Sherwood, OR, May 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- While trees are great at purifying the air, reducing pollution, and providing habitats for wildlife, they are not invincible against diseases and storms. That is why Evergreen Tree Services, a full-service tree care company, has dedicated time and effort to providing services that not only solve these issues but also allow property owners to enjoy the presence of trees in their spaces.

One of the team’s offerings is Tree Removal Service in Tigard OR. The service is available to residential and commercial clients with dying or dead trees and those with trees infested with fungi, insects, or pests. The tree experts also remove trees damaged by storms and those obstructing infrastructure and construction projects.

To guarantee efficiency and ensure the tree is removed effectively, the company follows safety standards and industry best practices. They include conducting a thorough site evaluation to identify hazards and obstacles on site, like power lines. The evaluation is also key in helping the team choose the right equipment for tree removal and prepare an estimate.

After evaluation and site preparation, Evergreen Tree Services uses proper tree removal techniques to remove unwanted trees safely. Afterward, they remove debris from the site and inspect it to ensure it is clean and safe.

Another Tree Service in Portland OR by the company is trimming. Whether it is for aesthetic purposes or safety concerns, the company delivers high-quality work, with a friendly team guiding the process. The team also offers pruning to homeowners wanting to remove dead branches for structural and health reasons.

Like with tree removals, the company is hands-on, from inspections, planning, and pruning to trimming and cleaning. This dedication to processes, prioritizing safety, and offering competitive pricing are the reasons many commercial and residential clients trust the company.

In addition, Evergreen Tree Services offers stump grinding services. Unlike stump removal, the process is quicker, less invasive, has fewer risks, and is less labor intensive. While stumps are not a huge threat to people or the environment - like old and infested trees- the company removes them to help clients improve their home aesthetics and prevent tipping hazards.

I had an amazing experience with this company,” noted a satisfied client. “I had a large tree removed, and the company who removed the tree wouldn’t remove the stump. I called Evergreen Tree Services, and they had someone come out and give me a quote for stump removal. It was a very fair price. They’re super friendly, prompt, hardworking, and overall good people.”

About Evergreen Tree Services

Evergreen Tree Services offers a team of arboricultural artists committed to enhancing environmental health and community safety through tree services. The full-service tree care company offers services such as tree removal, trimming and pruning, and planting. Additionally, the certified arborists offer tree health inspections, diagnosis, and soil analysis.

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