Top Media Executives Launch Fixated To Redefine Digital Entertainment Standards For Creators, Fans And Brands

Fixated aims to unite and raise the bar on the fragmented digital entertainment ecosystem by providing a one-stop shop for creators, fans and brands

LOS ANGELES, May 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  A team of top media executives have joined forces to announce the launch of Fixated, a company aimed at elevating the fragmented digital entertainment landscape by providing a one-stop-shop for creators, fans, and brands.

The team brings together an executive bench of creator-economy all stars with diverse and complementary backgrounds that include a deep-rooted understanding and expertise of virality and business-building. Co-founder Zach Katz, formerly president and COO of FaZe Clan, president of BMG North America, and co-founder/CEO of Raised In Space, will serve as Fixated’s CEO. Alongside Katz sits Fixated’s Co-founder and President Jason Wilhelm, formerly co-founder of Talent X/Sway House and Content Labs, who possesses an extensive background in the gaming and digital space. Co-founder and Chief Studio Officer Dean Johnson brings a wealth of experience in internet culture — from co-founding Content Labs (top 5 partner to Snapchat) to now building the fast-growing Fixated game studio. Luc Boulch, Co-founder and Chief Content Officer — holds the perfect role for a wizard of all things viral. In the past six months, Boulch has built over 15 channels that have garnered 6 million subscribers, with over 250 million views per month.

The foursome’s superpowers are being bolstered with the addition of respected industry veterans Phil Ranta, and Ali Adab, joining as Fixated’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Growth Officer and Partners, respectively.


Springing into action in the second half of 2023, Fixated has already made great strides in its mission. Fixated’s creator arm is launching with a reputable roster of famed creators including Sketch, Botez Sisters, and Love Live Serve. In addition to creator management and services, Fixated also produces original content and IP through its content and gaming studios. The company is already behind the creation of a slate of chart-topping games across Roblox and Fortnite, which have amassed over 250 million plays in the last nine months. They’ve also launched 20+ shows and channels across YouTube and Snapchat, many of which have been top-five shows on the platforms.

“Our goal with Fixated is to elevate what can be expected from the digital entertainment ecosystem and help creators build commercial value that matches their undeniable cultural impact,” said Katz. “Digital entertainment has entered its next era and at the heart of it is a generation of savvy creators and fans who are demanding a greater value exchange. Our advantage in launching Fixated today is our ability to offer this evolved value proposition to creators and fans from day one.”

“Our mission is to set the gold standard for the entire industry,” said Wilhelm. “It’s well past time for digital entertainment to mature, and I’m proud to join forces with this amazing group of co-founders to make it happen.”

Johnson added, “Every business on the internet today has content at its heart. We are applying our advantage in content to the highest-leverage opportunities in digital entertainment starting with the $242B gaming industry.”

Fixated arrives at a pivotal time in the digital entertainment space — one that broke away from traditional television and film industries a decade ago and invited creators to make their own content, games and serve as the CEOs of their own careers.

“We are this generation’s fans who went on to become creators. In doing so, we made virality our religion. And now, whether it’s talent, content or gaming, we have a science for driving traffic to our ecosystem like no one else,” said Boulch.

To join Fixated on its mission in reshaping the digital entertainment landscape, empowering creators, and engaging fans, get in touch here.

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