Mia Celebrates One Year of AI Education for Women Around the Globe

New AI Membership Offering Designed to Level the AI Playing Field For 1 Million Women By 2030

MIAMI, May 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mission Impact Academy (Mia), an online AI learning platform, today announced AI Membership, a new global AI membership program designed to address the fast-growing skills gap in AI for women professionals in non-technical roles. The initiative is now available to companies of any sector that wish to empower their diverse workforce with the in-demand skills necessary to thrive in the new AI-driven economy. Individual memberships are also available to give Mia’s network of women from over 65 countries continued access to powerful programming with AI pioneers and experts.

AI Membership is a response to the organization’s goal of upskilling one million women in AI by 2030 and the need for companies to help close the growing AI skills gap and ensure they are future-ready. Research has shown that while many companies recognize the need for AI upskilling, only a small fraction of employees possess the necessary skills.

The annual AI learning corporate membership includes access to Mia’s education platform with three main offerings: on-demand AI courses, live learning sessions with industry leaders and pioneers, and personalized learning experiences that allow members to design an AI learning pathway based on their industry, goals, and needs.

AI Membership provides access to a private network hub and smaller AI industry groups, designed not only to facilitate AI learning experiences but also to encourage professional networking, open doors to innovative new ideas, and support career growth and transformation.

Employees sponsored by their companies will also have access to Mia’s annual AI Summit and networking opportunities. These interactive learning experiences play a key role in elevating women's knowledge and building a strong foundation in AI.

“At Mia, we are committed to creating a world where women lead the way in the AI revolution by transforming learners' mindset and skills. Our innovative approach focuses on continuous AI education within a supportive community, encouraging women to actively engage in their learning journey and harness the full potential of AI,” said Janna Salokangas, co-founder of Mia.

Many have already benefited from the organization’s engaging learning experiences, landing new jobs, changing careers or transitioning to new ones. Women professionals will have access to industry-specific training from experts in tech, healthcare, finance, media, and non-profit sectors to accelerate AI transformation within their organizations and teams.

“We’ve had a wonderful response to our AI education efforts over the past year,” said Tarja Stephens, co-founder of Mia. “Dozens of women in our professional development programs have secured new jobs, made important business connections and, importantly, developed greater confidence with using AI tools. AI Membership will build on this foundation – and allow companies to support AI learning for their staff in meaningful ways that impact business success.”

As a public benefit corporation, Mia focuses on upskilling women in non-technical roles to democratize access to AI education, ensuring that more global, diverse voices are not only heard but also shape the future of technology. In addition to new corporate memberships for teams of employees and its individual memberships, Mia will continue to support AI education for women in underrepresented communities through scholarship programs as it seeks to lower barriers to entry in AI for women, and to foster an environment of inclusivity, equity, diversity, and leadership.

For more information about the new AI Membership program or to submit a membership application, please visit www.themia.world.

About Mia:
Mia is a pioneering learning platform, designed to transform a learner's mindset and skills, unlocking the limitless opportunities of AI. Mia’s mission is to empower 1 million women with AI skilling opportunities by 2030.

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