MoveEV Announces New Geotab® Marketplace Add-In for Its ReimburseEV™ Electric Vehicle Home Charging Reimbursement Solution for Fleets

New Add-In Provides Seamless Experience for Geotab Customers to Enable Easy Monitoring and Reimbursement of Electric Fleet Vehicle Home Charging Costs

Somerville, MA, May 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MoveEV, an AI-powered EV transition company that helps organizations convert fleet and employee-owned gas vehicles to electric and reimburse for charging at home, has announced its first add-in for the MyGeotab® Product. This integration underscores MoveEV's ongoing commitment to scale EV adoption in North America by making home charging reimbursement as simple and accurate as possible for fleet managers and their drivers alike. 

The newly introduced add-in is specifically designed for Geotab-enabled fleets with electric vehicles enrolled in MoveEV’s home charging reimbursement program, ReimburseEV™. This innovative solution facilitates a seamless connection between Geotab and the ReimburseEV™ platform, allowing fleet managers to quickly see any vehicle’s home charging and reimbursement history without leaving the Geotab environment.

MoveEV is a member of Geotab Sustainability Alliance. The MoveEV add-in is a significant step towards simplifying the management of EV fleets by embedding crucial functionalities within the familiar Geotab ecosystem. This useful tool is the first release in a series of functional integration features between the two companies expected to be released later this year. 

“Geotab is the leading telematics provider with over 4 million vehicle subscriptions in their global network,” said MoveEV Founder, David Lewis. “By integrating our ReimburseEV™ solution on the Geotab Marketplace, we're not only enhancing the operational efficiency of EV fleets but also furthering our mission to make electric vehicle adoption more accessible, equitable, and appealing to organizations of all sizes. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our journey towards a more sustainable future.”

For more information on this revolutionary add-in and to explore how it can transform your EV fleet management, visit the Geotab Marketplace at

About MoveEV

MoveEV® is an AI-powered EV transition company that helps organizations convert fleet and employee-owned gas vehicles to electric and reimburse for charging at home. The MoveEV® platform includes three flagship products. ReimburseEV™ is enterprise software that accurately reimburses employees for the real costs of charging fleet vehicles at home with IRS-compliant receipts and no additional hardware needed. CommuteEV™ is an innovative green commuter benefits solution that encourages EV adoption and reduces the need for on-site charger installations. AdviseEV™ offers strategic advisory services to help optimize the transition of fleet and employee-owned vehicles to electric. 

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