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Paris, May 8th, 2024, 8:00 AM – AdUX, a specialist in digital advertising and user experience (Code ISIN FR0012821890 - ADUX) informs the public of the upcoming changes within its Board of Directors.

AdUX informs its shareholders that Mr. Benjamin van de Vrie will be proposed as a member of the Azerion (EURONEXT:AZRN) Supervisory Board at its forthcoming AGM on 20th June 2024 and will step down from the AdUX Board of Directors following the ADUX Annual General Meeting to be held on 26th June 2024.

Mr. Benjamin van de Vrie has been Chairman of the AdUX Board of Directors since April 2022 and has overseen an important phase in the company’s development. AdUX wishes to express its thanks to Mr. Benjamin van de Vrie for his valuable contribution to the company over this time. 

Following the ADUX Annual General Meeting, Ms Catharina Hillström, will be appointed to replace Mr. van de Vrie as Chair of the Board of Directors.

Ms. Catharina Hillström has been AdUX’s Board member since November 2019 and qualifies as independent ADUX’s Board member on the basis of the independence criteria of the Middlenext corporate governance code.

In addition, the Board of Directors will now start the process of identifying and selecting an additional director to join the AdUX Board following the end of Mr. Benjamin van de Vrie’s tenure.


A pioneer of the sector, ADUX is a European specialist of digital advertising and user experience.
With a presence in 6 European countries, it attained a turnover of 22,1 million euros in 2023.
The company is listed in the Euronext Paris Compartment C and Amsterdam (Euronext).

Code ISIN : FR 0012821890 / LEI : 969500IIE66C3CFB1K57 / Mnémo : ADUX

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This statement may contain certain forward-looking statements. Although the AdUX Group believes that these statements are based on reasonable assumptions as on the date of publication of this statement, they are, by their very nature, subject to risk and uncertainty that can create a difference between the actual figures and those indicated in or inferred from these statements. The AdUX Group operates in a continually changing sector where new risk factors can emerge at any time.



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