Global Policy Advisors® Sponsors First Amendment Matters™

NEW YORK, May 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Policy Advisors® is pleased to announce its sponsorship of First Amendment Matters™, an initiative dedicated to promoting and protecting the principles of free speech and expression. First Amendment Matters™ aims to inspire and educate college students, university employees, and other audiences on the critical importance of the marketplace of ideas in a vibrant and democratic society. Through dynamic talks and workshops, the initiative seeks to enhance student and employee engagement.

About First Amendment Matters™

Developed by Salar Ghahramani, a constitutional law professor and First Amendment scholar and advocate, First Amendment Matters™ offers dynamic talks and engaging workshops tailored to colleges, universities, and other organizations. These sessions are designed to foster a deep understanding of First Amendment rights and the vibrant marketplace of ideas they create. The programs cover:

  • Discussion-based case studies that include landmark Supreme Court cases
  • Contemporary challenges and debates surrounding free speech
  • The role of free expression in a democratic society
  • Consultancy services and practical strategies for upholding free speech on campuses and in the workplace

"Universities and workplaces play a crucial role in safeguarding democratic principles by fostering environments where free speech and expression are not only protected but encouraged," said Salar Ghahramani. "The exchange of ideas, after all, not only enriches us as individuals but can also lead to business, technological, and social innovations, benefiting our society as a whole," he added.

A Vision for Innovation and Progress

Global Policy Advisors® sponsors First Amendment Matters™ due to its belief in the marketplace of ideas and its importance to the vibrancy of a free and democratic society. By supporting this initiative, Global Policy Advisors® emphasizes the role of free expression as a critical driver for innovation, fostering an environment where new ideas can flourish and lead to societal progress.

First Amendment Matters™
Championing the Marketplace of Ideas


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