Players Indoor Golf & Sports Bar Launches Its All-New F1 Racing Simulator in Kitchener and Brantford Locations

Players Indoor Golf & Sports Bar has recently installed an all-new F1 racing simulator, available to all motorsport fans and speed lovers.

Kitchener, Ontario, May 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Players Indoor Golf & Sports Bar has opened its F1 Racing Lounge, a new addition to the establishment’s offering. The all-new addition features an F1 Racing simulator that delivers the experience of a real-life Formula 1 Driver. Now, motorsports lovers and speed junkies can now safely reinvent the wheels, taking corners and chicanes, navigating apexes, and charting their racing lines.

Announcing the newly opened, on-site F1 Racing Simulator, the company noted that it is giving F1 fans, motorsport lovers, and customers a chance to step into the world of high-speed excitement while experiencing the pull of G-Force as they navigate their choice racetracks.

The F1 Racing simulator is described as a true pulse-pounding experience by customers who have tried it. New customers can expect to enjoy the thrill of a brand-new simulator that offers a fully immersive and heart-racing experience similar to what professional drivers like Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, and Fernando Alonso experience on the racing track.

More than that, the Player’s F1 Simulator in Kitchener also offer a customizable driving experience, allowing customers to select their preferences and improve their chances of getting the perfect lap time on the scoreboard.

Players Indoor Golf & Sports Bar noted that its all-new Players F1 Racing Lounge is open to all racing fans and customers, irrespective of their experience or skill level. The customizable experience makes it easy for each player to tweak every aspect of their simulation to match their driving style and preferences. The simulation also comes with an authentic F1-style steering wheel that provides precise feedback as well as real-time sensation as though players are behind the wheels of their favorite racing car.

Players will be able to choose their desired gameplay and mode, from racing against a phantom car in challenge mode to the Drive to Survive simulation used by professional F1 Drivers.

Players Indoor Golf & Sports Bar’s F1 Race simulator is available to customers at their Kitchener and Brantford locations. Interested players can walk into any of their locations for inquiries or they can use the online web form on the website to register intent or for inquiries.

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Players Indoor Golf & Sports Bar is reinventing excitement and sporting experiences for its customers and community in Kitchener and Brantford, Ontario. They have recently expanded their sports offerings, opening an F1 racing lounge with an F1 race simulator installed.

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