MADD Canada and RCMP Host Second Annual Constable Heidi Stevenson’s Watch Award

DARTMOUTH, Nova Scotia, May 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Many Nova Scotia police officers are being recognized for their extraordinary work to take impaired drivers off the roads at MADD Canada’s Second Annual Constable Heidi Stevenson’s Watch Award ceremony, being held today at Nova Scotia RCMP Headquarters in Dartmouth.

The Top Performer Award is presented to the officer who removed the most impaired drivers from the roads in 2023. Gold Coin Awards are presented to officers who removed 24 or more impaired drivers. Silver Coin Awards are presented to officers who removed 15 to 23 impaired drivers. Several more officers are Bronze recipients, for taking between 6 and 14 impaired drivers off the roads, and they will be recognized with a special Certificate of Appreciation at their local detachments.

“For every impaired driver these officers take off the roads, it is a potential tragedy averted. It means a family may not have to mourn a loved one,” said MADD Canada National President Tanya Hansen Pratt. “In honour of all victims of impaired driving and in honour of Heidi Stevenson, MADD Canada offers our heartfelt and lasting gratitude to the committed police officers who take impaired drivers off the roads.”

The award ceremony is being hosted today during National Police Week, May 12-18 in recognition of all police officers. Joining MADD Canada for the award ceremony are : Minister of Justice and Attorney General, The Honourable Barbara Adams; A/Commr. Dennis Daley, Commanding Officer, Nova Scotia RCMP; and Chief Mark Kane of the Nova Scotia Chiefs of Police Association.

“I am proud to be part of honouring these officers for making our communities safer, and for being leaders in our communities,” said Minister Adams. “Constable Stevenson made my community better and stronger, and we continue to miss her deeply. These awards honour her memory and create a legacy so that others can be inspired and follow in her footsteps.”

The award program is named in honour of Cst. Heidi Stevenson, who was a 23-year veteran of the RCMP. Cst. Stevenson loved her chosen career and spent most of it in Nova Scotia. She held many different roles throughout her career, including as a dedicated Drug Recognition Expert. Cst. Stevenson was especially proud of her expertise in that area and was deeply committed to helping make Nova Scotia’s roadways safer. Cst. Stevenson was one of the 22 people killed by a gunman in April 2020 in Nova Scotia. She was posthumously awarded MADD Canada’s Terry Ryan Memorial Award for Excellence in Police Service in honour of her work to prevent impaired driving.

“Inspired by Heidi’s unwavering commitment to road safety, we honour her legacy and recognize the dedication of our fellow Nova Scotian officers. Together, our mission is to make our roadways safer for all.” – A/Commr. Dennis Daley, Commanding Officer, Nova Scotia RCMP

Every year, in Cst. Stevenson’s name, MADD Canada recognizes members of police services across Nova Scotia who remove impaired drivers from roads and highways, thus preventing crashes, deaths and injuries.

“These awards are a collaborative effort by MADD Canada, the Nova Scotia Police Chiefs of Police Association, the Nova Scotia Department of Justice and the Nova Scotia RCMP, and we are so grateful for their partnership,” Ms. Hansen Pratt said.

Constable Heidi Stevenson’s Watch Award Recipients

Top Performer

Cst. Scott Aldridge, RCMP (Traffic Services)

Gold Award

Cst. Liam Campbell, Halifax Regional Police

Cst. Christopher Graham, RCMP (Halifax Regional Detachment)

Cst. Kristopher Hansen, Halifax Regional Police

Cst. Troy Redden, RCMP (Halifax Regional Detachment)

Silver Award

Cst. Tyler Baird, RCMP (Antigonish)

Cst. Fallon Clarke, Halifax Regional Police

Cst. Nicholas Dorrington, RCMP (Colchester)

Cst. Kristin Katrinardottir, Halifax Regional Police

Cst. Timothy Mugford, RCMP (Halifax Regional Detachment)

Cst. Jordan Neilan, Halifax Regional Police

Cst. Nael Orabi, Halifax Regional Police

Cst. Tyler Shipley, Truro Police Service

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