Coloplast expands its Luja™ portfolio with next generation catheter for women

The female intermittent catheter enables complete bladder emptying in one free flow1, aiming to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections2.

Following the successful launch of Luja with Micro-hole Zone Technology, a next generation intermittent catheter for men, Coloplast is now launching Luja for women.

“So far, we have received great feedback on Luja for men in our product evaluations. Nearly all healthcare professionals would recommend the male catheter to their patients3, and seven out of ten users feel confident that it empties their bladder completely without needing to reposition the catheter4,” says Nicolai Buhl, Executive Vice President of Innovation.

Urinary tract infections remain a major concern and challenge for men and women using catheters5. Flow stops and blockage of conventional catheter eyelets during catheterisation increase the risk of leaving residual urine behind in the bladder, which raises the risk of bacteria growth and is a well-known UTI risk factor2.

“I am excited that the Micro-hole Zone Technology will now be available for female catheter users. The new female catheter has 50+ micro-holes*, enabling complete bladder emptying in one free flow1, and I believe this technology will set a completely new standard in the market,” says Nicolai Buhl.

Luja with Micro-hole Zone Technology for female users will launch across all Coloplast’s key markets over the next 12 months, starting in Denmark and Italy in May 2024**.

Clinical studies: No need for repositioning and no discomfort
The performance of Luja for women is supported by two clinical studies. The studies found that the catheter enables complete bladder emptying in one free flow without having to reposition the catheter1. The studies also found that women reported no discomfort when using Luja and that the catheter was gentle to use6.

Reduced environmental footprint
Luja Female is designed with the user and environment in mind. The catheter is made with 28% less plastic than Coloplast’s SpeediCath® Compact Eve and has a 22% lower carbon footprint7. The Luja Female product container material is recyclable8.

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1Luja female ensured zero flow stops in 87% of catheterisations & <10 mL residual urine at first flow stop in 83% of catheterisations (RCTs, post-hoc, NCT05841004, n=73, & NCT05814211, n=82). Coloplast Data-on-File, 01/2024. Individual
results may vary.

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4Vaabengaard R, Islamoska S, Zeeberg R, Jacobsen L. Users of intermittent catheters feel more confidence and less worries of bladder emptying and urinary tract infections when using the micro-hole zone catheter Luja™. BAUN Annual Conference, AAC, Liverpool, UK 2023. PM-28203, n = 816.

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7Compared to SpeediCath® Compact Eve. Based on externally reviewed carbon footprint according to ISO14067.

8Product design, use and local waste management specifics may limit recyclability.

*minimum of 50 micro-holes on Luja female CH10-16.

**Luja for female users is a medical device for which the CE-mark has been affixed. Product availability is subject to the regulatory process of individual countries and is not guaranteed. The product is currently not available in the US.



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