ThoughtSpot Appoints James Smith as VP of EMEA as Worldwide Adoption of AI-Powered Analytics Accelerates

Smith joins as companies around the globe seek to move away from legacy analytics technology, embrace generative AI to transform BI, and spark their Data Renaissance

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ThoughtSpot, the AI-Powered Analytics company, today announced the appointment of James Smith as its Vice President of EMEA. In his role, Smith will be responsible for managing ThoughtSpot’s operations across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, helping companies maximize the value of their data investments, migrate from legacy BI and confidently embrace reliable, accurate Generative AI, all while bringing new data-backed ideas to life that create real business impact.

Smith brings over a decade of experience helping companies transform how they leverage data to make decisions and drive their business. Most recently, Smith served as Tableau’s UK&I General Manager, where he helped companies transform how analysts leverage and present data, helping the region meet and exceed growth targets. At ThoughtSpot, Smith will expand on this focus on democratizing data, going beyond technical teams to every knowledge worker.

“With the rapid advancement of Generative AI, right now every business is at a crossroads. Everyone knows they have to put data to work in new ways to thrive today and into the years to come. To truly unlock this potential, however, we have a responsibility to put people – not technology – at the center of these processes,” said Jeff Depa, Chief Revenue Officer at ThoughtSpot. “As we continue our growth journey, James’ experience and leadership will help our customers across EMEA break free from the shackles of legacy BI, maximize the value of data investments, and spark their Data Renaissance.”

“I’ve spent over a decade helping companies leverage data to transform their businesses. As an industry we’ve made strides in empowering data professionals, but the real opportunity ahead is getting data, and more importantly insights, into the hands of nontechnical users whenever and wherever they are making decisions,” said James Smith, VP EMEA at ThoughtSpot. “Pairing Generative AI with ThoughtSpot’s patented search platform promises to bring data to the fingertips of all users and usher in a new era for analytics that makes this vision a reality. I’m excited to help customers across EMEA tenfold data’s impact in their organizations.”

Smith has joined ThoughtSpot on the heels of strong growth for the company, including:

  • The success of ThoughtSpot Embedded, the company’s embedded analytics solution introduced in late 2021, which emerged as an industry leader for product and app developers looking to infuse AI into their analytics.
  • The launch of and expansion of ThoughtSpot Sage, an AI-powered search experience that lets every user, regardless of technical skills, leverage foundational language models within ThoughtSpot’s patented search technology to get insights from their data through natural language search.
  • The appointment of Ahmed Quadri as Chief Customer Officer, and Anthony Lee-Masis as Chief Information Security Officer

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