The Alliance Promotion Microbiote is becoming the European Microbiome Innovation for Health: a major step towards structuring the European microbiome excellence sector

The Alliance Promotion Microbiote is becoming the European Microbiome Innovation for Health: a major step towards structuring the European microbiome excellence sector

Paris - France - May 14, 2024 - The Alliance Promotion Microbiome (APM), a key player dedicated to the development, production, and commercialization of therapeutic innovations based on the microbiome, announces today its expansion across Europe and its rebranding as the European Microbiome Innovation for Health (EMIH) association. This transition marks a pivotal moment in solidifying and advancing Europe's industrial microbiome sector, with the goal of fostering medical innovation and securing a prominent global position for European stakeholders to enhance patients' health by addressing unmet medical needs.

Beyond a simple change of name, the aim is to formalize the decision to operate at the European level, recognizing its paramount significance due to its critical capacity to drive positive outcomes in research and development, consequently enhancing public health. This choice is underscored by the escalating global competition and underscores the imperative to address the burgeoning realities within the maturing European landscape. This comes at a pivotal moment when the European Union is structuring and displaying major ambitions in terms of health with structuring texts such as SoHO - to be implemented - and the pharmaceutical package - to be brought to a successful conclusion - not forgetting strategic programs such as EU4Health. Each initiative carries profound implications, shaping the trajectory of leveraging the vast potential of microbiome for the health of patients and the European economy.

EMIH is an independent European coalition, a public and private initiative and a non-profit organization aiming to ensure that microbiome-based medical innovations become a public health priority in the European Union.

Its members are committed to advancing knowledge and the emergence of therapeutic bioproductions, diagnostics, and medical devices based on the microbiome in the field of human health, ensuring equal access through regulatory frameworks meeting the highest quality standards, while also maintaining economic balance to sustain therapeutic innovation.

The EMIH believes that only major action at this level will make it possible to structure a leading microbiome sector in Europe, providing the European ecosystem with a key global position to accelerate the emergence of innovative microbiome-based therapies. Such advancements represent a profound and significant paradigm shift in the approach to healthcare for all.

"European microbiome actors distinguish themselves with innovative R&D and their significant roles within the global sector. They are recognized for their pursuit of excellence and hold leadership positions in their respective fields. By uniting our efforts within EMIH, our goal is to bring microbiome medical innovation to one of the most promising sectors and to prioritize it within the European Union's public health agenda. Our ambition is to make these advancements accessible to all patients. Thus, we invite all European entities engaged in microbiome research to submit their applications to join EMIH. Together, let's make microbiome the flagship of European health innovation," states Hervé Affagard, President-elect of EMIH.

About European Microbiome Innovation for Health (formerly known as Alliance Promotion Microbiome-APM)
EMIH is an independent coalition within the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, currently comprising 20 major players from the public and private sectors. From the laboratory to the patient's bedside, EMIH covers the entire value chain of the microbiome industry. Its goal is to position Europe as a global leader in the development, production, and commercialization of microbiome-based therapeutic innovations. EMIH members include Bioaster, Biocodex, Biofortis, Biose Industrie, Cynbiome, Eligo Bioscience, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, GMT Science, INRAE, Lallemand Health Solutions, Lyonbiopôle, Pelican Health, MaaT Pharma, Microbiome Foundation, Polepharma, Medicen Paris Région, Nexbiome, Novobiome, Seventure Partners, and Skyepharma.

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