New Aerospike Release Lets Enterprises Consolidate Expensive Legacy Cache and Database Platforms

Expands deployment choices by delivering lowest-cost real-time data on less expensive storage and simplifies data management

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aerospike, Inc. (“Aerospike”) today released version 7.1 of its popular real-time multi-model database, which expands and adds new best-in-class caching, storage, and management capabilities and offers customers the option to deploy real-time use cases on less expensive network attached storage in the cloud or on-prem. Version 7.1 enables enterprise customers to run hundreds of caches on a relatively small Aerospike cluster as a shared service, thereby cutting costs.

Caching is a classic tactical fix to boost application performance. But as thousands of legacy cache databases proliferate across the enterprise, complexity and costs soar. Aerospike’s unique strengths of low latency and high throughput eliminate the need for standalone, specialized caches for operational workloads.

Version 7.1 delivers precise policy-driven control of which data is cached using a configurable least recently used (LRU) eviction, enabling teams to stand up Aerospike as a shared in-memory cache service. This enables enterprises to consolidate hundreds of legacy cache databases from vendors like Redis into a single, small, centrally managed and cost-effective Aerospike database cluster.

“Enterprises modernizing their application infrastructure for real-time and AI applications want flexibility and a rich set of choices and price points for where data is stored. They also want to combat the complexity of the legacy database architectures underneath,” said Lenley Hensarling, Aerospike chief product officer. “Aerospike delivers data instantly wherever it is needed in the enterprise. Customers can now consolidate legacy caches on a highly efficient platform, knowing that as the applications scale up and out they have a single high-performance data platform to grow infinitely with the business without breaking the bank.”

Delivers Ultimate Storage and Cost Flexibility

Recently named “In-memory Database of the Year,” Aerospike Database 7 delivered a new unified storage format with the flexibility to choose the right storage engine for different workloads, even within the same cluster. Database 7.1 builds on this storage flexibility by adding support for low-cost, persistent cloud block storage like AWS Elastic Block Storage (EBS); popular on-prem enterprise network attached storage (NAS) devices; and networked NVMe-compatible block storage. This delivers enterprise customers more deployment options with a rich set of choices and price points for where data is stored to match the business or technical use case.

“LRU eviction capabilities in Aerospike help us juggle touch operations in read-heavy workloads,” said Robert St. Marie, senior database engineer at The Trade Desk. “By simplifying our application code in this way, we can free up our developers’ attention to focus on their area of expertise, while also expanding our ability to operate and scale clusters with our developers’ needs.”

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About Aerospike

Aerospike is the real-time database built for infinite scale, speed, and savings. Our customers are ready for what’s next with the lowest latency and the highest throughput data platform. Cloud and AI-forward, we empower leading organizations like Adobe, Airtel, Criteo, DBS Bank, Experian, PayPal, Snap, and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, our offices include London, Bangalore, and Tel Aviv.

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