Kobiton Streamlines Mobile Test Management with New Capabilities

AI-powered error analysis within the Kobiton test automation platform efficiently identifies and aggregates common issues across devices, enabling swift resolution

ATLANTA, May 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kobiton, the mobile testing leader, announces the beta release of mobile test management, a new feature within its test automation platform. Designed to streamline the management of test suites, test cases, and test runs, the feature uses AI to identify and aggregate common issues across devices, enabling faster bug resolution.

In the rapidly changing world of mobile tech, with new versions of operating systems and devices launched frequently, developers are under pressure to deliver high-quality apps across platforms. Their efforts are hindered by legacy testing solutions, antiquated technology, and manual processes, causing delays and negatively impacting app quality and performance.

Kobiton has responded to this challenge by consistently pushing the boundaries of mobile testing, with features like real-device testing, AI-generated scripting, and deep performance insights. Its new mobile test management capability builds on this foundation by offering a more comprehensive approach to test management and analysis, including deeper visibility into the different stages of mobile testing, and AI and automation to streamline testing processes.

Leveraging AI-powered error analysis, mobile test management efficiently identifies and aggregates common issues across different devices, enabling swift bug resolution. Additionally, the introduction of scriptless test suites allows for grouping related tests, ensuring seamless execution. Key capabilities of the mobile test management feature include:

  • Visual-first approach: Users can see test steps and visually compare test cases and test runs across devices, capturing subtle differences in app behavior on various devices and operating systems, a capability not found in traditional test management systems.
  • Mobile bundles: Testers can choose device bundles or individual devices for testing, and simultaneously execute tests across devices, enhancing efficiency and coverage.
  • Mass remediation: Users can correct errors across numerous devices in a single workflow rather than as unrelated errors, simplifying effort by orders of magnitude.
  • Efficient test suite creation: By automating the conversion of manual testing steps into test cases that can be executed simultaneously, mobile test management saves time while also enhancing analytical capabilities by aggregating data across tests.
  • At-a-glance results: Mobile test management includes a dashboard-like UI for viewing test results. This is unique to Kobiton because of the many mobile device permutations. The dashboard shows the status of tests running and completed for each device.

While mobile test management can be a standalone tool for companies focused on mobile, eventually it will integrate with popular test management systems such as TestRail, Tricentis qTest, Zephyr, and Xray. These integrations will add value to traditional test management systems by capturing essential data from mobile devices and operating systems.

“This is a pivotal market introduction that elevates mobile testing by recognizing its unique characteristics,” said Frank Moyer, CTO at Kobiton. “We’re making device configuration a first-class component alongside the test case. This development not only enhances our current offerings but also lays the foundation for our future AI-powered testing solutions.”

“Kobiton is positioning itself as a leader in a market that is increasingly relevant given the trend toward mobile-first strategies and the expansion of digital transformation across industries,” said Sean Barry, CEO of Kobiton. “As the sole testing provider focused exclusively on mobile app development, Kobiton uniquely understands and can address the distinct requirements of mobile testing, further positioning Kobiton at the forefront of this critical industry shift.”

Mobile test management will be included in Kobiton Enterprise AI and Enterprise AI Lightning subscription plans at no additional cost. To learn more about Kobiton’s mobile test management capability and see a demo, visit the Mobile Testing and Experience Summit 2024 on May 16.

About Kobiton

Kobiton empowers enterprises to accelerate mobile app delivery through manual, automated, and no-code testing on real devices. Kobiton's AI-augmented mobile testing platform uniquely delivers one-hour continuous testing and integration. Founded in 2016, Kobiton is venture-backed and headquartered in Atlanta. More info at www.kobiton.com.

Kevin Wolf