Kreativs Onboards Abhijit Bhaduri as Advisor, Expands Career Solutions in HR Tech

PLANO, Texas, May 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kreativs, a next generation platform for career development and personal branding, is excited to announce the onboarding of Abhijit Bhaduri as an advisor. Abhijit, the former GM of Learning & Development at Microsoft and ex-Chief Learning Officer at Wipro, is recognized as a LinkedIn Top 10 Voice and brings extensive experience and insight to Kreativs.

Kreativs builds users’ personal brand and influence in a highly competitive market by narrating their career experiences and skills. The Kreativs suite offers numerous capabilities, including a storytelling blog, white-label personalized branding for businesses, and upskilling events with live courses led by industry leaders.

A key strength of Kreativs is its ability to package all user writings with Generative AI summaries, resumes, and profiles into a unified experience tailored for recruiting professionals. This comprehensive approach ensures that users can present a cohesive and compelling narrative about their career journey, making them more attractive to potential employers.

Kreativs is committed to sustainably lowering the digital footprint in the professional identity space by offsetting individual blogs on the internet. Additionally, by being socially responsible, Kreativs levels the playing field for underrepresented groups in STEM by offering an affordable medium to share their stories and stand out in a competitive market. This focus ensures all professionals have the opportunity to be visible and competitive.

Recently, Kreativs launched a live 4-week course with Abhijit, an authoritative voice in talent management, designed to help attendees grow their online influence. This course is part of the broader Kreativs Skills offering, which upskills users through guidance from influential leaders. Kreativs is actively seeking industry leaders to join this initiative to provide valuable coaching to professionals.

“Kreativs is revolutionizing how professionals can build their careers through effective storytelling and personal branding,” said Eric Carbaugh, COO at Kreativs. “We are honored to have Abhijit on board, and we look forward to leveraging his expertise to further support our users’ career growth.”

Kreativs will be attending Consensus by CoinDesk May 29th-31st in Austin.

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