MADD Canada Applauds Positive Changes to Combat Impaired Driving in Ontario

OAKVILLE, Ontario, May 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MADD Canada commends the Ontario Government for taking steps to enhance road safety and combat impaired driving in Ontario. MADD Canada CEO, Steve Sullivan and Carolyn Swinson (MADD Toronto) joined Transportation Minister, Prabmeet Sarkaria, today for the announcement.

Carolyn Swinson knows all too well the real cost of impaired driving. “My son, Rob, was killed by an impaired driver in 1993 and my father was killed in 1981. There are thousands of families like mine, and many more Canadians who have suffered life altering injuries. These changes will enhance public safety in Ontario and will help combat impaired driving.”

Sullivan said, “Too many people are still making the choice to drive impaired, and we need to ensure sanctions hold drivers accountable while focusing on reducing recidivism. Mandatory ignition interlocks will reduce re-offending, while allowing people to drive safely and legally. Similarly, remedial programs increase awareness and educate drivers about the risks and consequences of impaired driving. Finally, lengthening administrative licence suspensions for first and second occurrences from three and seven days to seven and fourteen days respectively represents a concrete increase in the sanctions drivers in the WARN range will face.”

Despite the progress that has been made, impaired driving is still one of the leading causes of criminal death in Canada. Hundreds of Canadians are killed every year and thousands more are injured. Ontario has the safest roads in North America yet one-third of fatal crashes involve alcohol and/or drugs.

MADD Canada National President, Tanya Hansen Pratt, lost her mother Beryl in 1999. “MADD Canada applauds the Government for making these changes. We recognize there is no single solution to impaired driving. We continue to encourage police services across the country to use Mandatory Alcohol Screening at every lawful traffic stop and continue to increase their efforts to detect drug impaired drivers. We encourage the public to plan ahead for a safe ride home if they know they will be consuming alcohol and/or drugs and call 911 if they suspect someone is driving impaired.”

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