Zeem Solutions to Develop Long Beach Electric Charging Site for Drayage Trucks

Project Slated to be the Largest Commercial Charging Depot in the U.S. in terms of Connected Chargers and Capacity

Los Angeles, Calif., May 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zeem Solutions (“Zeem” or the “Company”), a leading electric vehicle (“EV”) charging infrastructure and fleet management provider, today announced it is developing a large capacity EV charging depot for electric drayage trucks serving the Port of Long Beach.  

The site will enable drayage truck companies operating from the San Pedro Bay Port complex to comply with new California zero-emission regulations, resulting in a significant reduction in diesel emissions for the region and nearby communities. 

Large Charging Capacity to Serve High Volume of Drayage Trucks 

The 2.7-acre Long Beach location is one minute from the Trainer Long Beach Terminal and just west of the Gerald Desmond Bridge, on a power generation site currently owned by an affiliate of ArcLight Capital Partners (“ArcLight”).  

The depot will feature a 15 MW capacity interconnection, with plans to scale up to two to three times that amount in the coming years to meet growing demand. The site will also initially contain 84 DC Fast Charger (“DCFC”) ports delivering up to 400 kW of power per port, and the ability to charge as many as 500 vehicles per 24-hour period. 

The project will be the largest commercial charging depot in the U.S. in terms of connected chargers and capacity. Zeem has been working with Southern California Edison (“SCE”) to energize the site via the Charge Ready Transport program, with SCE projecting site energization by Q1 2025. The depot will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is scheduled to begin operations by early 2025. Zeem is pursuing agreements with multiple intermodal and logistics companies that plan to operate from the new site.  

Battery-Electric Class 8 Trucks Available with Zeem 

Zeem will guide customers operating out of its Port of Long Beach site on the selection and financing of Class 8 electric truck models, so that drayage operators can access the zero-emission vehicles, charging, and related services without the large upfront capital investment typically required. This provides a quick path to comply with regulations such as the California Air Resources Board (“CARB”) Advanced Clean Fleets (“ACF”) rule, which requires all newly registered drayage trucks to be zero-emission.  

“The regulatory environment is shifting, and we will be seeing a dramatic increase in electric drayage trucks operating around the port over the next few years,” said Paul Gioupis, Founder and CEO of Zeem.  “With a 15 MW interconnection, we can service over 500 tractors per day with parking and charging and our operations are at a central location in the Port of Long Beach. Zeem will be able to directly address the critical issue of charging infrastructure for Class 8 EVs. The depot employs reliable charging technology, boasting the highest capacity chargers tailored to accommodate trucks effectively. With our streamlined operations developed through years of hands-on experience, we anticipate a substantial increase in throughput, expediting the electrification process for fleet operators.”  

“Zeem’s charging depot at the Port of Long Beach will play a critical role in improving air quality, helping accelerate our transition away from diesel fuel and towards a zero-emission future,” said Mayor Rex Richardson. “This critical infrastructure advances our climate action plan and supports one of Long Beach’s key growth sectors.  These investments in our city create jobs that support local families and promote a more climate-sustainable economy.” 

“ABB E-mobility is proud to support Zeem with our new All-in-One EV charger, the A400. The A400 provides the highest reliability on the market, performance-based SLAs for service, and maximum charge session success rates for high utilization,” remarked Chris Nordh, Head of ABB E-mobility in North America. “We’re excited to continue to support Zeem’s business and operational goals and give fleet and truck operators confidence in an electric future that works for them.” 

“We look forward to supporting Zeem help one of the nation’s busiest maritime ports meet its sustainability goals,” said Sargent & Lundy Chairman, President, and CEO Victor Suchodolski. “Our design for the installation of more than 80 heavy-duty truck charging stations charts a course for the Port of Long Beach’s decarbonization efforts.” 

Repurposing Existing Infrastructure 

The Port of Long Beach depot is part of a comprehensive energy transition plan for the site, which includes the proposed development of a utility scale battery storage unit managed by ArcLight company Elevate Renewables, LLC.  

“It is great to see Zeem continue to lead the way in developing and commercializing strategic infrastructure to enable the electrification of heavy duty fleets, a critical step in improving air quality and meeting state and federal emissions standards,” said Jake Erhard, Partner and Head of ESG at ArcLight, Zeem Solutions’ lead investor. “We are pleased to partner with Zeem to help unlock the tremendous value that incumbent power infrastructure sites like Long Beach have in the energy transition.” 


About Zeem Solutions 

Zeem is at the forefront of building and operating zero-emission vehicle depots providing charging infrastructure, parking solutions, fleet management services, and electric vehicle leasing. These strategically located depots are spread across the country, near crucial hubs such as ports, airports, warehousing & distribution centers, and within customer facilities. Zeem’s mission is centered on delivering a comprehensive solution that accelerates the transition to sustainable transportation for all fleets. Each depot includes high-speed charging stations designed to support a broad spectrum of electric vehicles, ranging from Class 1 to Class 8. With a focus on affordability, scalability, and environmental impact, Zeem is leading the way in accelerating the transition to electric mobility for fleets nationwide. For more information, please visit www.zeemsolutions.com


Zeem Solutions' Long Beach Electric Charging Site Zeem Solutions' Long Beach Electric Charging Site

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