IDEX Biometrics ASA - Key information relating to possible subsequent offering/repair issue

Oslo, 15 May 2024

Reference is made to the stock exchange notice from IDEX Biometrics ASA ("IDEX" or the "Company") on 15 May 2024 regarding a private placement of shares in the Company raising approximately NOK 55 million at a subscription price of NOK 1.65 per share (the "Private Placement") and a possible subsequent offering, raising up to NOK 13,200,000, at the same subscription price as in the private placement (the "Subsequent Offering"), subject to approval by an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on or about 12 June 2024.

Date on which the terms and conditions of the repair issue were announced: 15 May 2024;
Last day including right: 15 May 2024;
Ex-date: 16 May 2024;
Record date: 21 May 2024;
Date of approval: Expected to be on or about 12 June 2024 by resolution of an Extraordinary General Meeting (to be called);
Maximum number of new shares: 8,000,000; and
Subscription price: NOK 1.65.

The Subsequent Offering will be carried out as set out in an offering prospectus (which must be approved by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority) to be published prior to commencement of the subscription period.

This information is published in accordance with the requirements of the Continuing Obligations.