IDEX Biometrics nomination committee proposal to 2024 annual general meeting

Aligned with the restructuring of IDEX’s organization to consolidate development and business operations to be located primarily in the UK and the EU/EEA, and to reduce costs, the nomination committee proposes that IDEX also reduces the size of the board of directors to a total of three.

The nomination committee proposes that the following board shall be elected:

Mr. Morten Opstad to continue for the second year of his term, in the role of chair of the board. Ms. Annika Olsson and Ms. Adriana Saitta to continue as board members for a period of two years.

The nomination committee proposes that the nomination committee shall be elected as follows:

Mr. Håvard Nilsson is reelected as member of the Nomination Committee for a term of two years. Mr. Robert N. Keith continues as chair of the Nomination Committee for the second year of his term. Mr. Harald Voigt continues as member of the Nomination Committee for the second year of his term.

The nomination committee proposes that the board remuneration and remunaration to the nomination committee from the date of the 2023 Annual General Meeting until the date of the 2024 Annual General Meeting shall be the same as in the preceding year, but following the delisting from Nasdaq Capital Markets, the remuneration for committee chair and membership is reduced by 50%.

The full text of the nomination committee’s proposal to the 2024 annual general meeting in IDEX Biometrics ASA is enclosed.

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