Southeast Detox GA: Award Winning Suboxone Treatment Center in Rome, GA

Rome, GA, May 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Southeast Detox GA, a leading inpatient alcohol and drug addiction rehab center, is excited to announce that its Rome Georgia in-patient detox facility has won the Addiction Group Award for Georgia’s best suboxone treatment center.

Suboxone detox treatment is a structured program that utilizes medication-assisted treatment, specifically Suboxone, which comprises buprenorphine and naloxone, to help individuals break free from their opioid addiction by managing withdrawal symptoms and cravings while reducing the likelihood of relapse.

The award by Addiction Group, a top-rated online resource for addiction recovery, followed strict criteria within its decision-making process to help individuals find the best clinic suited to their needs. This included researching and evaluating 65 reputable addiciton clinics, as well as their licenses and accreditation, specializations, experience in treating Suboxone addiction, insurance coverage, and patient reviews.

Southeast Detox Rome GA consistently ranked high in every area of evaluation and was additionally praised for the facility’s compassionate staff supporting clients’ recovery journeys and the personalized care plans tailored to increase each client’s success. The drug and alcohol treatment center was presented with the honorable award by Debbie Balandan, Profile Manager at Addiction Group, and was further recommended for anyone seeking comprehensive addiction recovery support.

Josh Sprung, Southeast Detox GA’s Clinical Director, who is responsible for the successful efforts of the award-winning Suboxone Detox Program, said, “Suboxone detox treatment is a transformative experience tailored to help individuals break free from their opioid addiction. Throughout this detoxification process, individuals can anticipate specific milestones and experiences each day. At Southeast Detox, we strive to operate with integrity and fairness while keeping our values and commitment to providing the best possible care at the center of all programs and treatments.”

Southeast Detox GA is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care that supports and empowers individuals on their path to recovery. The renowned treatment center Georgia understands that every individual has unique needs, and each of its effective programs employs a customizable approach to create a tailored treatment plan that targets a patient’s challenges while utilizing their strengths and guiding them toward their recovery goals.

With comprehensive treatment programs that combine evidence-based and holistic modalities delivered with understanding and care, Southeast Detox GA assists individuals in healing their minds, body, and spirit. The clinic also provides an integrated mix of intensive individual and group counseling sessions to empower clients to create relationships and develop the skills needed for a healthy and sustainable recovery.

“Our treatment facility was created to provide compassionate and personalized care for those navigating drug or alcohol addiction,” furthered Mr Sprung. “Our addiction treatment services cater directly to the needs of each individual, while our highly qualified clinicians and therapists help patients overcome the challenges that come with addiction.”

From medically supervised detoxification to personalized treatment in a residential setting, Southeast Detox GA encourages individuals who want to break free from addiction and embrace a healthy, drug-free life once and for all to contact the facility at (706) 873-9955 or complete the confidential form via the website today to receive information about programs, insurance, and more.

About Southeast Detox GA

Established in 2019 by addiction treatment specialists with over 10 years of experience, Southeast Detox GA is an award-winning detox and residential treatment facility in Georgia that emphasizes a personalized healing journey for every patient with empathy at the core.

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