MADD Canada, SGI and SLGA urge students to keep grad celebrations safe

REGINA, Saskatchewan, May 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Completing high school is a wonderful accomplishment. You’re got your whole life ahead of you… just make sure you’re around to enjoy it.

Grad celebrations are taking place over the next month across Saskatchewan, and MADD Canada is teaming up with SGI and SLGA to ask students to celebrate responsibly.

“Congratulations to all students who are finishing high school; it’s an important milestone, and one worthy of celebration,” said Dustin Duncan, Minister Responsible for SGI and SLGA. “Whether that celebration is a banquet, a dance or a house party, please make sure that the night ends with a safe ride home from a sober driver.”

Road crashes are the number one cause of death among Canadian youth, and alcohol, cannabis and/or drugs are involved in more than half of those crashes. MADD Canada wants to teach young people about the impact of impaired driving and equipping students with the knowledge and motivation to prevent it.

This year, Saskatchewan students in Grades 7 – 12 across Saskatchewan learned about devastating consequences of impaired driving, thanks to MADD Canada’s School Program. Schools were given the opportunity to choose one of three films to be presented to students: Final Play, No Tomorrow or Over the Edge. Each video presentation features a fictionalized story, followed by real-life stories from victims of impaired driving.

The presentations engage young people in a realistic conversation about what is truly at stake when someone drives impaired and equips them with the knowledge and inspiration to never drive impaired or ride with an impaired driver. The School Program tour of Saskatchewan included 30 presentations sponsored by SGI and 60 more sponsored by SLGA.

“As they move into the next phase of their lives, young people will have to make choices about alcohol, drugs and driving,” said MADD Canada National President Tanya Hansen Pratt. “MADD Canada’s programming incorporates impactful personal stories of real-life victims, to deliver a powerful and unforgettable message the program helps young people understand that they have the power to prevent impaired driving.”

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