RecPro Partners with Altor Locks to Help RV Owners Secure Their Property

ICON Trailer Lock is made from steel so hard that it destroys drill bits and saw blades in seconds

STERLING, Va., May 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Altor Locks, the small manufacturer with the strongest coupler lock available on the market, and RecPro, the premier source for high-quality RV furniture and RV supplies, have partnered to help campers keep travel trailers safe by making the ICON Trailer Lock available to their customers at

RecPro has chosen to offer the Altor ICON Trailer Lock, because it can help RVers stop thieves with angle grinders, drills, and reciprocating saws. In a 2023 blog post, Los Angeles Police Department Detective Randy Blancq wrote "Trailer theft is challenging. Unlike vehicles (most of the time), trailers are simply towed away. "Adding hitch locks" is the second most important step to prevent theft, behind "storing the trailer in a safe area," Blancq shared.

"We are excited to partner with RecPro," Larry Thomas, Altor Locks’ Chief Revenue Officer said. "They are a trusted source in one of Altor’s key markets - RV/Camping/Marine - and have built a great business, reputation, and ecommerce experience.”

Altor’s US Patent 11,766,905 B2 was issued in 2023 for a premium lock specifically engineered to stand up to thieves using angle grinders, reciprocating saws, drills, lock picks, pry bars and hammers. Conventional locks on the market can be compromised in 120 seconds or less. The innovative ICON survived a concentrated attack with an angle grinder, lasting more than 1 hour and 32 minutes, using 14 blades, and eight battery packs. (See the testing video here).

The ICON Trailer Lock is made with over twenty pounds of high quality cast steel hardened to 450 Brinell making it able to withstand a lot of force. Common conventional locks use cheaper low carbon steel which is more malleable and vulnerable to saw blades and drill bits. In addition to the patented radial fin design, the ICON features a premium disc detainer lock core, extreme weather resistant seals and one-piece design for easy lock and go experience.

Based in Bristol, Indiana, RecPro has been the premier source for high-quality RV furniture and RV supplies since 2010. Situated in the heart of the recreational vehicle capital of the world, RecPro specializes in providing aftermarket RV, trailer, and marine parts and accessories to OEMs and customers in the recreational vehicle industry. RecPro continues to grow by providing exceptional client-minded service, cutting-edge products, and lightning-fast delivery.

“Their customers appreciate quality and will have peace of mind knowing their prized possession is secure,” Thomas added.

RV owners can learn more about and purchase the ICON Trailer Lock at

The ICON Trailer Lock Review - Towing expert and influencer Mr. Truck called the ICON Trailer Lock "the best lock you can buy" after he "tests, tortures, and reviews" it. See what else he had to say in this video.

About Altor Locks, LLC. - Headquartered in Virginia, Altor Locks is an American manufacturer redefining physical lock security by designing a better product that addresses common lock vulnerabilities in the age of power tools. The trailer lock products are engineered to creatively use premium materials, technology and design that creates a level of security that conventional lock manufacturers simply cannot attain. We are a small, woman- and minority-owned company created by Karen Schaufeld and Dylan Cato through a product development program at Lehigh University. All Altor locks are designed, assembled, packed, and inspected by hand in Sterling, VA. Visit

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