Integrated Access Corporation rebrands as Xpand Demand™, positioning itself as a multifaceted industry leader committed to client growth

HERSHEY, Pa., May 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Forward Solutions is thrilled to unveil the transformation of our division, Integrated Access Corporation (IAC), into Xpand Demand™. This strategic rebranding reflects our unwavering commitment to enhancing client success by precisely conveying our core competency: growing revenue for our clients.

Our expert inside sales team is an integral extension of our client’s brands, magnifying exposure and extending brand reach. This rebranding reinforces our dedication to driving client demand and accurately communicates the strength of our team and services.

At Xpand Demand, every facet of our sales process is meticulously crafted to optimize exposure, eliminate barriers, nurture leads, and increase demand. Our client-centric approach focuses on elevating product lines, broadening market reach, accelerating growth trajectories, and positioning brands as industry frontrunners.

“We remain focused on delivering expanded end use customer reach, driving demand, and leading sales and share growth for our clients’ brands. Our commitment to these goals underscores the essence of Xpand Demand,” stated Chris Strauss, President of Xpand Demand.

This evolution is a significant step forward in our journey, enabling us to better communicate our mission and reinforce our commitment to empowering client growth. The entire Xpand Demand team extends heartfelt appreciation to our clients for their continued partnership and eagerly anticipates future opportunities for growth.

About Xpand Demand™

Xpand Demand is a seasoned, inside sales organization with over 30 years of experience. With an end customer-centric approach, Xpand Demand is dedicated to selling to a diverse clientele, including colleges, restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals, and more. Xpand Demand prioritizes the customer to help brands outperform competitors through industry experience, customer relationships, and customized strategies to amplify visibility, secure new business opportunities, and extend market reach. Xpand Demand serves as a catalyst for growth, maximizing profitability, and solidifying brand preference beyond current levels and locations. Trust Xpand Demand™ to help your brand succeed.


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