ThinkCareBelieve: Julian Assange Wins Ability to Appeal Extradition

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LONDON, May 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Decision was given today by the UK High Court that Julian Assange is able to appeal the U.S. allegations on counts 4 and 5 on discrimination based on his nationality and the First Amendment, and also on all counts. ThinkCareBelieve thinks this is an important turning point for Freedom of Speech and Expression, journalism and Press freedoms and for the family of Julian Assange to be reunited after 5 years apart. An Assange conviction would set a precedent able to be used against any journalist, publisher, reporter, blogger, or common citizen. This is enough of an incentive for everyone to take a fresh look at this case and then ask the Biden Administration to reconsider if it wants to continue pursuing it. 

Speakers are: Julian's wife Stella Assange, WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson, Assange's Attorney Barry Pollack, and Reporters Without Borders Director Rebecca Vincent.

Important Points Shared at This Press Conference:

Stella Assange speaking outside the courtroom following the announcement of the decision: “Please, for those the United States in the position to make the decision, please just drop this case now.” Her husband, journalist Julian Assange’s Case received a decision if he was allowed to appeal the extradition to the U.S. for Espionage Act allegations. A little later, Stella continued, “It was a short day but it was a tense few moments before the decision was actually delivered. The judges took a break that they said was going to be 10 minutes but I think it was closer to a half an hour. But when they came back, they granted leave to appeal on grounds that Julian would be discriminated against and excluded from Constitutional protections under the First Amendment. The judges obviously saw the problem here, that the United States is applying its secrecy laws into this country, it’s applying its secrecy laws internationally, and yet saying at the same time that if you’re not a U.S. citizen, and if you’re abroad that you won’t have access to Constitutional protections, and the judges were deeply disturbed by this, I would say, and allowed the leave to appeal.”

Stella brightened as she went on, “While I was speaking to Julian I heard a knock on the door and I could hear the guard saying ‘Congratulations today’ and ‘it’s time to go to exercise’ and so our conversation came to an end. but thankfully it meant that he was able to go out into the yard and enjoy the sunshine that we have today. He was obviously relieved, he hadn’t slept all night, and he’s under enormous pressure. It’s hard for all of us, but just imagine what it’s like for Julian who has been in Belmarsh for over 5 years, and who has had to endure this grueling process from inside his cell, and isolated from everyone, and from a distance. So it’s a very good sign today. I think the US Administration should take this as a moment to drop the case, and to just put an end to it, and distance itself from this terrible prosecution, which this administration did not initiate, and should have put an end to already.”

Assange attorney Barry Pollack stated that the United States never should have brought this case. It is utterly inconsistent with First Amendment values while the United States should take a look at this and make a decision as to whether this is what they should be pursuing due to flawed prosecution. Pollack later said that as things stand now, it’s not clear whether Julian will be allowed to argue only on counts 4 and 5 that the court said were related directly to journalism, or whether Assange will be able to argue based on all of the counts, which would be clearly quite significant, and a good reason for the United States to rethink pursuing this further.” When asked to clarify further, Pollack offered, “The US tried to confine it to just three of the Espionage Act counts and at least from what the justices said today in court, they rejected that argument and are going to hear the appeal on all of the charges.”

WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson explained “The signaling in a wider context should result in one thing, that the Biden Administration takes a serious look at the damage it’s done to its reputation and actually ends this case, before more damage is being done, that is the only just solution, is to end this, not in prolonged proceedings in court rooms here in London, or the European Court of Human Rights, but in the political arena in D.C., where it all started, and should never have started, so its the right thing to do and I believe that that is the clear signal that came out of the Royal Courts of Justice today.”

Reporters Without Borders Advocate Rebecca Vincent affirmed it is the first time that the UK court has nodded in the direction of the freedom of expression grounds, that are at the heart of the Assange Case. “The heart of this case will now get the chance for full consideration which opens a path of legal prevention of extradition.” She added that it is critical that we all stay with it and that campaigns continue, because the case is at a point where it is in Biden’s power to bring it to a close. “The UK Court has taken a step toward protecting journalism and press freedom, that those in Washington who are responsible for this will take note and think carefully about how to proceed. We expect better from the country of the First Amendment and we hope that this is indeed the beginning of the end of this ceaseless prosecution.”

Assange’s brother, Gabriel Shipton reiterated Attorney Pollack’s remarks that this is an opportunity for the DoJ to look at this and bring it to a close. Adding that President Biden said just last month that he was considering dropping this case in answer to Australian Parliament’s request for Assange’s release. Julian Assange’s brother, Gabriel Shipton, travels to Washington tomorrow, May 21, 2024 to build awareness of House Resolution 934 which has 11 co-sponsors now, to build more signers to the #HRes934 to protect journalism under the First Amendment and to drop the charges against journalist, Julian Assange. He asks Americans to keep signing petitions, calling Representatives, writing them, and visiting them.

“Today marks a turning point, we spent a long time listening to the United States putting lipstick on a pig, but the judges did not buy it!” Stella Assange said staunchly. “It becomes clear to everyone that Julian is in prison for doing good journalism.” It’s obvious that today, the sun shone through and people are seeing what is so important. Next step, a date will be set for the appeal hearing. The question was asked if Assange would be allowed out on bail until his appeal and that is a possibility that will be explored further.

ThinkCareBelieve believes that when we take a look at the ideals and practices for which Julian Assange stands, we can see him as a man of integrity. He has a moral and social intelligence that shines through his work and his talks in educating the public on how to empower themselves with knowledge against a state of increasingly diminished rights. Julian Assange changed journalism forever by employing the practice of “Scientific Journalism” which printed the source documentation alongside the articles for verification of facts. He also pioneered the secure dropbox for whistleblowers to securely upload tips and information. Something so new and unconventional at the time, but is commonly used today.

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