First Ever: Plum Brings Company Culture, Career Navigation and Deep Talent Insights Together Through New Products

PlumFlourish™ and PlumThrive™ Take Job Candidates, Workers and Employers to New Levels Using Talent Intelligence that Marries Hard and Soft Skills

WATERLOO, Ontario, May 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Revolutionary talent assessment provider Plum continues to lead the industry with new offerings that deliver unprecedented functionality and insight into job matching, career discovery and development, culture gap analysis and workforce analytics.

Building on Plum’s award-winning enterprise solution is the launch of PlumThrive™, a first-of-its-kind Talent-Drive Platform that enables organizations to uncover role fit, skills, and the cultural dynamics that help teams succeed. Providing a 360-degree panoramic view into talent pools to inform data-driven decisions, PlumThrive combines psychometric science and advanced data analysis to identify and surface the unique strengths of candidates and employees that support growth strategies and foster productive cultures, including hard and soft skills.

Plum CEO Caitlin MacGregor commented, “Today’s business environment relies on creating competitive advantages, quickly; yet we see organizations trying to achieve big outcomes with broken workflows, bad data and outdated technology. No business can afford to sit back and hope to get its people strategies right. The core of the issue lies in the reliance on metrics that aren’t capable of accurately forecasting performance or potential, which leads to critical missteps: making new hires using misleading indicators, overlooking real contributors for promotions, and creating a fantasy narrative between the culture envisioned by leadership and the reality being lived by the workforce.”

Complementing the launch of PlumThrive is another new solution named PlumFlourish™. Recognizing the need for a user-centric solution designed specifically for use by job seekers, candidates and employees, PlumFlourish provides personalized career suggestions, development plans, and job recommendations based on user profiles. PlumFlourish enables users to take control of their careers through informative profiles that accurately represent their skills and personality.

PlumFlourish is particularly valuable as more individuals look to match with roles that suit their skills and aspirations versus relying on traditional vehicles such as advanced degrees, resumes and work histories. Blending cutting-edge data science with deep psychological insights, PlumFlourish helps individuals map out their best-fit career, unlock the right opportunities and build their career path with precision instead of chance.

Prior to PlumFlourish and PlumThrive, persona diversity within pre-hire or internal talent pools remained enigmatic, as the tools used to understand the connection between hard and soft didn’t exist. As such, employers have struggled to find alignment between their workforce and organizational culture, causing a rift between perception and reality. Due to this, business leaders could not access a reliable, multifaceted perspective of candidates and workers in order to meet career expectations while building human-centric, high-performance companies.

MacGregor concluded, “The gains that PlumThrive delivers sets enterprises on a previously unattainable trajectory of sustainable growth, future-proofing businesses against harsh and ever-changing market dynamics. PlumFlourish provides immediate and invaluable feedback to users, ensuring they have an actionable roadmap for success. By continually innovating, Plum is once again leading the pack with multifaceted approaches to help HR and business leaders transform the workforce.”

More information about PlumFlourish and PlumThrive can be accessed here.

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