NetLogistik Co-Hosts Event with SVT Robotics

The Automation Summit on June 11, 2024, Will Help Attendees Elevate Their Supply Chain

DENVER, Colo., May 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NetLogistik, a leading provider of transformative services for supply chain digitalization, announces a joint event on June 11, 2024, with SVT Robotics™, a software provider that empowers IT teams to integrate, monitor, and scale automation with the tech-agnostic SOFTBOT® Platform. The Automation Summit takes place from 9:00 AM to 3:45 PM. To register, visit

"Companies want to add automation to their warehouse environment, and SVT Robotics makes it simpler to do this, but companies still need guidance as to what systems to add to improve operational efficiency,” says Jagan Reddy, managing partner for NetLogistik. “This groundbreaking event features thought leadership and networking where attendees will discover innovative solutions, connect with industry experts, and strategize for the future of supply chain operations. It will be a good place to start for businesses on their journey to automation.”

The Automation Summit: Elevate Your Supply Chain with NetLogistik and SVT Robotics allows supply chain IT teams to learn how to integrate, monitor, and scale automation. Key highlights include:

  • Practical applications will be discussed for a coordinated approach to warehouse automation.
  • Insights can be gained into supply chain evolution with robotics and digital transformation strategies.
  • Customer and vendor success stories and cautionary experiences.
  • A technology tour of many leading warehouse automation systems showcasing seamless integration that drives operational efficiency.

Limited seats are available, so register now to learn how to identify and deploy solutions this year. Attendees will learn to stay ahead of the competition by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and best practices discussed during the event.

The agenda includes presentations on:

  • Challenges in Modern Supply Chains—Explore the evolving challenges faced by companies, including higher SKU counts, smaller order sizes, faster delivery expectations, and the need for error reduction.
  • Navigating Labor Market Dynamics – Discuss strategies for addressing supply chain challenges amidst tighter labor markets while improving working conditions and safety.
  • Rapid Automation Growth - Understand the rapid growth of automation and software solutions in the supply chain industry and their impact on operational efficiency.
  • Assessing Warehouse Maturity - Learn how to assess warehouse maturity and develop strategic plans to address future needs effectively.
  • Integration and System Connectivity - Delve into the complexities of connecting myriad systems, reducing project risk, and effectively integrating, monitoring, and scaling disparate technologies.
  • Solution Showcase - Experience firsthand demonstrations of solutions from leading providers like Locus Robotics, Boston Dynamics, LG, 6 River Systems, Hai Robotics, Modula, Packsize, CMC, Accutech, and more.
  • Integration with ERP/WMS Solutions - Discover how these solutions can be seamlessly connected to leading ERP/WMS offerings from companies such as Blue Yonder, SAP, and others.
  • Best Practices and Lessons Learned - Discuss best practices and lessons learned in deploying automation, drawing from real-world experiences and success stories.
  • Strategic Vision for Warehouse Optimization - Collaborate with industry peers and experts to develop and execute a long-term vision for warehouse optimization in a vendor-agnostic environment.

NetLogistik offers collective knowledge and business acumen learned from deploying hundreds of supply chain projects. Following a proven, agile implementation methodology means clients gain faster time to value and exceptional results.

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