FluxOS Breaks Barriers, Introduces Fiat Payments OnRamp Solution with PayPal

Seamless app deployment brings Web3 to all for payment ease

CAMBRIDGE, England, May 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Flux, a leading global decentralized technology company specializing in cloud infrastructure, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and decentralized storage, today announced the launch of its new Fiat Payments OnRamp Solution integration with PayPal. This feature allows users to deploy apps on FluxOS operating software using fiat currency, eliminating the need to hold cryptocurrency. By leveraging PayPal, FluxOS offers seamless integration with these popular payment processors.

“Flux is committed to democratizing access to decentralized technologies and empowering individuals with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age,” said Flux CEO Daniel Keller. “With the launch of FluxOS and the Fiat Payments OnRamp Solution, Flux is bringing Web3 to everyone, creating new opportunities for innovation, collaboration and financial empowerment.”

FluxOS is a next-generation cloud infrastructure with which users can easily deploy applications and leverage the benefits of Web3, including enhanced security, transparency and decentralized trust. One of the key features is its Fiat Payments OnRamp Solution, which facilitates the seamless integration of traditional fiat currencies into the decentralized ecosystem. By utilizing an industry-leading payment processor such as PayPal, FluxOS eliminates the barriers to entry for individuals and businesses looking to adopt cryptocurrencies and participate in the emerging Web3 economy.

Through this integration, users can now easily use their fiat currencies, such as USD or EUR, while not having to work around wallets, or exchanges to procure Flux needed for launching applications in a Web3 environment. This bridge enables individuals and businesses to transact seamlessly within the decentralized ecosystem, opening new possibilities for online commerce, cross-border payments and financial inclusion. Users can trust that their transactions are protected by standardized security measures and enjoy a familiar and frictionless onboarding experience, making it easier for individuals and businesses to transition into the world of blockchain and Web3.

This new payment bridge showcases Flux’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. With FluxOS leading the way in decentralized operating systems and PayPal facilitating secure fiat payments, users can confidently embrace the future of Web3.

To learn more about FluxOS and its new fiat payment integration, visit runonflux.io/fluxOS

About Flux

InFlux Technologies is a decentralized Web3 cloud infrastructure composed of user-operated, scalable and globally distributed computational nodes. Flux provides the critical, high-availability infrastructure for the New Internet. Any hardened Dockerized application can run on Flux’s fully decentralized computational network. The Flux service offers a fully decentralized alternative to some of the world’s largest cloud infrastructure providers while offering competitive pricing. InFlux Technologies is committed to developing disruptive solutions that empower individuals and businesses in the blockchain industry and the broader technology space worldwide.

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