Pacific Software Inc. Acquires Scientifically Tested Medical Food Cocktail Focused on Memory Health

Dana Point, Calif., May 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pacific Software Inc. ("Pacific") announces the acquisition of a science-based dietary supplement supporting brain health and memory function. The supplement, which has been sold profitably for more than 8 years under the brand names SuppleMEM AD™ and A.L.Z. Defense™, features a formula tested extensively by leading Alzheimer's researchers.

"Acquiring this established product line not only adds another rapid path to profitability for Pacific, but it also signifies a strategic expansion of the mission of the company," said Harrysen Mittler, CEO. Prior to this acquisition, Pacific had been focused exclusively on skin care and wound healing, having licensed a patented technology for stimulating collagen production for skin care and wound healing. "Though we remain focused on scientifically validated products, a focus encompassing both health and skin care is a natural fit."

The core formula within A.L.Z. Defense™ is a combination of safe, natural products combined into a single "medical food cocktail" specifically formulated to support essential aspects of memory such as neuroplasticity. The formula was evaluated in two large, multi-year laboratory experiments funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The first study, conducted at the University of California, Irvine, was performed in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. The second study, conducted at the University of Kentucky, tested the formula in dogs (beagles) which develop the disease late in life. Both studies were conducted by highly reputable groups of Alzheimer's researchers. Citations for the publications describing the results of these studies are provided below.

Pacific's President and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Malcolm Leissring, is an internationally recognized expert in the molecular pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease. He is also the founder and president of the Auguste Deter Foundation (AD Foundation), a nonprofit organization named in honor of the first patient diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease with the mission of promoting Alzheimer's disease prevention. "Pacific is proud to announce that a portion of all proceeds from the sale of these new products will be donated to the AD Foundation to support its mission of educating the public on the many ways the risk for Alzheimer's disease can be mitigated through lifestyle changes, nutrition and dietary supplements," said Dr. Leissring. More information about the AD Foundation can be found at


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