Lifelong Labs’ Greg Lindberg Shares Effective Exercises that Compliment Fasting Regimen

ORLANDO, Fla., May 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the popularity of fasting rises, Lifelong Labs Founder and Wellness Advocate Greg Lindberg is studying physical activity and effective ways that maximize health benefits during fasting periods. After years of learning from science and personal experience, Lindberg suggests that pairing fasting with the right types of exercise can significantly enhance results, promoting overall health and longevity.

Combining fasting with intense physical activity creates a powerful impact that boosts metabolic health, improves mental clarity and enhances physical performance. Lindberg has found that while fasting helps reset the body’s metabolism and promote cellular repair, exercising during fasting periods can amplify those effects. This can lead to improved muscle tone, increased fat loss and enhanced cardiovascular health.

“Wellness routines that integrate fasting with specific types of intense exercising can lead to transformative health benefits,” says Lindberg. “The key is to listen to your body and choose exercises that match your energy levels and fitness goals. This approach not only enhances physical health but also promotes mental and emotional well-being.”

During fasts, Lindberg recommends a combination of low intensity exercising and high intensity interval training (HIIT). Engaging in low-intensity cardio helps maintain energy levels and promotes fat oxidation without causing excessive strain. HIIT can help preserve muscle mass while promoting fat loss.

“Low-intensity cardio exercises such as walking, cycling and swimming can keep the heart rate steady, burn fat efficiently and are gentle on the body,” says Lindberg. “HIIT workouts such as sprinting, jumping jacks and burpees can be highly effective in burning calories and increasing metabolic rate.”

Lindberg also recommends strength training, including weightlifting and resistance exercises, to build and maintain muscle mass. Strength training can prevent muscle loss and support metabolic health. Compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, and push-ups can engage multiple muscle groups and maximize workout efficiency.

Lindberg says outdoor activities like hiking, jogging or playing sports can make exercise more enjoyable and sustainable. The exposure to fresh air and nature can enhance mood and reduce stress, making these activities an excellent addition to the fasting regimen.

Lindberg is dedicated to promoting holistic health and wellness through his innovative brand Lifelong Labs. His company is designed to help individuals live longer and healthier through long-term lifestyle changes such as fasting, exercise and healthy eating.

Lindberg explores the impact of exercise and fasting on longevity in his latest book Lifelong. The book is available on Amazon. For more information, visit

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Greg Lindberg is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and author. To learn more visit or Over the course of his career, he has acquired and transformed more than 100 companies that were either failing or underperforming, each time finding and empowering great talent—people with the same commitment to hard work, learning, entrepreneurship, and a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude. Today, this group of companies known as Global Growth is worth billions of dollars. His experiences as a leader and related challenges have inspired him to empower people to achieve optimal success through wellness, longevity and leadership. Lindberg also has authored three books: Failing Early & Failing Often: How to Turn Your Adversity into Advantage and 633 Days Inside: Lessons on Life and Leadership: LIFELONG: Quantum Biology, Anti-Aging Science and the Cutting-Edge Program That Will Transform Your Body and Mind. All of his books are available on Amazon. See: and see: In 2020, he founded Interrogating Justice, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring awareness and help advance solutions that hold corrupt government actors accountable, ensure fairness in sentencing, support reentry, and provide access to justice for all. To learn more visit:

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