Zighra Awarded Shared Services Canada Contract to Strengthen Identity Threat Detection and Response

Protecting digital identities against attacks requires Zero Trust powered by AI-based Behavioural Models

OTTAWA, May 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zighra, a leader in continuous identity validation and explainable artificial intelligence (AI), is excited to announce a new contract with Shared Services Canada (SSC) for testing Zighra’s DeepSense, its innovative identity threat defense system. SSC is responsible for the operation and security of networks, data, and applications across various Government of Canada departments. This extended testing initiative, under the Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) program, will offer crucial insights into the effectiveness of Zighra’s technology for consistent and timely cybersecurity responses.

DeepSense xAI

DeepSense and the Importance of Explainable AI

DeepSense is Zighra’s advanced cybersecurity platform, designed to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to provide continuous identity validation and threat detection. Unlike traditional AI systems that act as "black boxes," DeepSense ensures that all AI-driven decisions can be understood and trusted by human operators. Explainable AI is crucial in cybersecurity because it allows users to see and understand the decision-making process behind AI predictions. This transparency not only builds trust but also enables compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitates more effective collaboration between AI systems and human analysts. By demystifying AI operations, DeepSense empowers organizations to confidently integrate advanced technologies into their security infrastructure, ensuring that decisions are reliable and verifiable.

Advancing Cybersecurity Through AI

Zighra’s DeepSense incorporates patented technologies to deliver a comprehensive cybersecurity approach that addresses specific challenges such as phishing, remote attacks, and advanced persistent threats. Features include:

  • Enhanced Threat Detection and Response: Continuous monitoring and response in alignment with the Zero Trust security model, bolstering digital identity security.
  • AI-Driven Behavioural Models: These models automate threat detection, significantly reducing the need for manual rule management, thus enhancing system adaptability and reducing analyst workload.
  • Transparency in AI: DeepSense prioritizes making complex algorithms understandable and trustworthy, fostering confidence and enabling better decision-making by cybersecurity professionals.

Deepak Dutt, CEO of Zighra, expressed his enthusiasm about the initiative: "We are honoured to support Shared Services Canada’s efforts in enhancing cybersecurity within the Canadian public service through our AI and Zero Trust aligned solutions. This project demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding digital infrastructures against sophisticated AI-powered threats, and we anticipate a significant positive impact on the Government of Canada’s ability to securely deliver services to Canadians."

Zero Trust Maturity Model: Elevating Security Standards

Zighra adheres to the Zero Trust Maturity Model—endorsed by CISA and based on NIST SP 800-207—by facilitating application-wide, continuous identity validation and real-time risk analysis. This approach is crucial for high-value accounts, including those of administrators and executives. Zighra’s Behavioural AI Models are designed to detect and mitigate threats at the earliest point of access, significantly shortening the attacker’s kill chain. By ensuring continuous validation rather than implicit trust, Zighra’s solutions reinforce security across all enterprise levels, closing the gaps to cyber threats immediately and continuously.

About Zighra

Zighra is a cybersecurity innovator, pioneering the development and implementation of advanced explainable AI solutions. As a recognized leader in pushing the boundaries of security technology, Zighra empowers organizations and governments worldwide to protect their digital and physical assets against emerging threats. Our mission is to forge a future where technology facilitates secure connections globally, seamlessly integrating with the complex dynamics of human and machine interactions. We are committed to advancing our understanding, management, and trust in the protective mechanisms that guard our digital world.

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