SHEIN and Marika Sila Unite to Launch Empowering Women's Collection

Debuting on May 31: A Fusion of Style, Strength, and Sustainability

Toronto, May 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SHEIN, the leading global fashion e-retailer, is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated collaboration with Marika Sila, an influential Inuvialuk actress and activist. Together, they are set to unveil an exclusive collection of women's apparel that embodies the essence of style, strength, and sustainability. This partnership is a testament to SHEIN's commitment to empowering women and embracing diverse identities.

Launching on May 31, the much-anticipated SHEIN x Marika Sila Collection celebrates the fusion of Marika's vibrant personal style and her Indigenous heritage with SHEIN's renowned versatility. This curated collection encompasses a wide array of options, including women's apparel, sportswear from the GLOWMODE line, and eco-conscious pieces from the evoluSHEIN by Design collection. It is specifically designed to allow individuals to express their unique identities with confidence.

At SHEIN, community support is a top priority. To demonstrate their dedication, 10% of proceeds from the collection made between May 31 and June 30 will be donated to Spirit North, a Canadian non-profit organization focused on improving the health and well-being of Indigenous youth. In addition to donating back to the community, customers can receive 15% off of the entire collection using the code "MS" at checkout.

SHEIN firmly believes in women's power to inspire positive change, uplift communities, and embrace their individuality. In collaboration with Marika, SHEIN is proud to amplify the style and strength of Indigenous women, encouraging self-care, nurturing well-being, and fostering success in all aspects of life.

SHEIN and Marika invite fashion enthusiasts, supporters of Indigenous culture, and sustainability advocates to explore the captivating collaboration. Celebrate the beauty of diversity, honour the strength within, and embrace sustainable fashion with the SHEIN x Marika Sila Collection.


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About Marika Sila 

Marika Sila is an Inuvialuk actress, influencer and stunt performer from Yellowknife, NWT, with over half a million followers across Instagram and TikTok. She is the owner of RedPath Talent Inc., which is an emerging Indigenous talent agency and production company named after the Indigenous phrase, "Walking the red road" known as walking a path dedicated to sobriety, health and wellness. Marika’s aim is to create a platform where she can use her voice to promote healing throughout the world. In all the work Marika does, she does it for her family, her loved ones and her community.

About Spirit North

Spirit North is a national charitable organization using sport and land-based activities to improve the health and well-being of Indigenous youth. Through these connections, children learn, grow, thrive, and eventually contribute to the health, strength and vibrancy of their communities.  Working in partnership with schools and communities, Spirit North delivered programs to over 13,500 Indigenous youth in 102 communities and 180 schools, across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the Northwest Territories – and we’re just getting started.

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SHEIN x Marika Sila SHEIN x Marika Sila

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