Approval of resolutions proposed at the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting on May 30th, 2024

Paris, May 30, 2024, 6:15pm


Approval of resolutions proposed at the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting on May 30th, 2024

The Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting of Eramet shareholders was held on May 30th, 2024 in Paris, chaired by Ms. Christel Bories, Chair and CEO of Eramet, in compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory provisions, as well as the recommendations of the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF).

  • Resolutions

Shareholders of Eramet approved all the proposed resolutions. The voting results for each resolution are available on Eramet’s website (Shareholders’ General Meeting 2024 | Eramet).

  • Dividend

The General Meeting approved the distribution of a dividend of €1.50 per share for the 2023 fiscal year. The ex-dividend date will be on June 4th, 2024 and payment will start from June 6th, 2024.

  • Advisory Opinion on the Company’s Climate Strategy

The General Meeting issued a favorable advisory opinion on Eramet's climate strategy1, after taking note of the progress made in the implementation of the company's ambition in terms of sustainable development and energy transition, as well as the new 2024-2026 CSR roadmap “Act for positive mining”. The shareholders thus voted in favor of the consultative resolution proposed by the Board of Directors by a very large majority, with 99.04% of the expressed votes.

Ms. Christel Bories, in her capacity as Chair of the Board, also evoked the Board's intention to consult shareholders on the climate strategy on a regular basis and at the latest at the General Meeting to be held in 2027.

  • Composition of the Board of Directors

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Ms. Christel Bories thanked Ms. Sonia Sikorav and Ms. Catherine Ronge, as well as Mr. Alilat Antsélévé-Oyima, who are leaving the Board, for their commitment and contributions over the past years.

During its meeting on May 30th, 2024, the Board of Directors acknowledged:

  • the ratification by the Ordinary General Meeting of the appointment of Ms. Solenne Lepage2, as a director, which occurred during the Board of Directors meeting on March 22nd, 2024. She replaces Ms. Catherine Ronge, who has resigned,
  • the appointment of Mr. Tanguy Guillaume Gahouma-Békalé, as a director, replacing Mr. Alilat Antsélévé-Oyima, who has resigned,

and this for the remaining term of their mandate, i.e. until the General Meeting to be held in 2025.

The Board of Directors also took note of the appointment of Mr. Arnaud Soirat2 as a new member of the Board of Directors, as well as the renewal of the mandate of Ms. Miriam Maes3 and Mr. Jean-Philippe Vollmer, by the Ordinary General Meeting, each for a period of four years.

Following the Shareholders’ General Meeting, Eramet’s Board of Directors consists of 18 members, including two employee representatives. It comprises 7 independent members and 7 women, representing 44% of the Board members, for both indicators, excluding employee representatives.

Detailed information on the composition of the Board of Directors and its Committees, as well as the description of the role of the lead director, is available on the company’s website under the Governance section: Eramet | Group | Governance.


25.07.2024: Publication of 2024 half-year results

24.10.2024: Publication of 2024 Group third-quarter turnover


Eramet transforms the Earth’s mineral resources to provide sustainable and responsible solutions to the growth of the industry and to the challenges of the energy transition.

Its employees are committed to this through their civic and contributory approach in all the countries where the mining and metallurgical group is present.

Manganese, nickel, mineral sands, lithium, and cobalt: Eramet recovers and develops metals that are essential to the construction of a more sustainable world.

As a privileged partner of its industrial clients, the Group contributes to making robust and resistant infrastructures and constructions, more efficient means of mobility, safer health tools and more efficient telecommunications devices.

Fully committed to the era of metals, Eramet’s ambition is to become a reference for the responsible transformation of the Earth’s mineral resources for living well together.


Director of Investor Relations

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1 As presented in the 2023 Universal Registration Document, Part “CSR Roadmap 2024-2026”, section 5.2.3.
2 Independent Director
3 Independent Director – Chair of the Audit, Risks and Ethics Committee




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