Media Alert: Newsweek Senior Writer Available to Discuss Trump Verdict

NEW YORK, May 30, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After deliberation, the verdict for the Trump hush-money trial is in. Newsweek’s Senior Writer, Katherine Fung, has been live in the courtroom since Day 1, providing in-depth and timely coverage of the case.

Who: Katherine Fung, Senior Writer at Newsweek

Availability: Katherine Fung is available for interviews to provide expert commentary on the trial, including insights into witness testimonies and reactions from both the defense and prosecution following the verdict.

Background: Katherine Fung has been with Newsweek since 2020, covering U.S. and world politics. She has extensively reported on the Republican primary elections and the American education system. In recent weeks, Fung has provided comprehensive coverage on the Trump hush-money trial, including:

Why: With her extensive experience and firsthand knowledge of the trial, Katherine Fung offers a valuable perspective on the outcome and its implications.

About Newsweek: Newsweek is a premier news organization known for its rigorous journalism and in-depth analysis of significant global events. Our team of dedicated reporters ensures that our audience is well-informed with accurate and timely information.

Alyssa M. Tognetti
Broadsheet Communications for Newsweek