United States Weight Loss Market Status & Forecast Report 2024: $90 Billion Industry Growth Driven by Explosive Sales of GLP-1 Prescription Drugs

Dublin, May 31, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "The U.S. Weight Loss Market: 2024 Status Report & Forecast" report from Marketdata LLC has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

The U.S. weight loss market has achieved an unprecedented milestone, expanding to a remarkable $90 billion in 2023. This significant growth is largely attributed to the explosive sales of GLP-1 prescription weight loss drugs. This trend marks a notable shift toward medical weight loss programs and poses a considerable challenge to commercial diet companies, which have experienced a substantial $1 billion revenue shortfall since 2022.

Impact of GLP-1 Drugs

GLP-1 medications are rapidly altering the weight loss industry landscape with their increasing presence on the market and the anticipated introduction of additional drugs in the forthcoming years. Their influence has reshaped consumer behavior and forced a reevaluation of commercial diet companies’ operational strategies. As a result, non-medical weight loss sectors have witnessed a downturn, culminating in the unfortunate loss of approximately 26,500 weight loss coaching positions.

Adaptation and Growth Segments

In contrast to these declines, the medical field has adapted swiftly, with a growing number of physicians incorporating weight loss into their practice offerings. This has coincided with a rise in bariatric surgeries and growth in both the caseloads and revenues of medical weight loss franchises and practices specializing in weight management.

Comprehensive Market Insights

The industry report offers a thorough analysis of market behavior from 2020 to 2023, developments from competitors, current trends among dieters, diet company advertising expenditures, and a novel examination of the industry's weight loss coaches, including their number and wages. A special focus is devoted to the burgeoning obesity drugs market, addressing potential risks, factors that could impede market success, and the emerging “Wild West” scenario due to the proliferation of non-FDA-approved, compounded drugs.

Segment Reports and the Obesity Drugs Boom

Comprehensive status reports examine the diverse array, including diet soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, the health club industry, commercial weight loss chains, meal replacements, appetite suppressants, various medical programs, and low-calorie dinner entrées. These reports delve into the operational and revenue impacts stemming from the boom in obesity drugs.

Company Profiles and Outlooks

The market analysis extends to profiles and projections for key players in the industry, encompassing WW, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Medifast, Herbalife, Glanbia (Slim-Fast), Noom, Simply Good Foods (Atkins), HMR Boston, Lindora, and Profile by Sanford. Additionally, strategic endeavors of these companies are scrutinized, illuminated by insights gleaned from their conference calls. This comprehensive assessment provides invaluable insights for stakeholders and entities across the weight loss market, highlighting the evolving dynamics propelled by the success of GLP-1 weight loss medications.

Key Topics Covered:

Overview: Weight Loss Market Size & Market Segments

  • Summary: size of the total U.S. weight loss market, by segment: 2016 to 2023
  • Top diet trends of 2023 (intermittent fasting, GOLO diet, Paleo, Keto, plant based, etc.), Top diet plans of 2024 (U.S. News, Forbes rankings)
  • The major market and company developments of 2023
  • Marketdata's 2024 market forecasts and $ size for each segment of the weight loss market
  • Effects of the pandemic and the obesity drugs boom on the market
  • Weight Loss Market Advertising & Marketing Spending, by diet companies, drug mfrs. (Noom, WW, NutriSystem, GOLO)

Health Clubs Industry

  • Status Report of U.S. Health Clubs Industry - no. of facilities, IHRSA estimates of lost revenues, companies filing for bankruptcy,
  • List of industry key metrics
  • Effects of the pandemic: discussion
  • 2020 -2023 industry performance, $ revenues, challenges & opportunities
  • 2024 Marketdata Forecast: $ size of the market, growth segments, outlook

Commercial Weight Loss Programs

  • Summary: effects of the obesity drugs boom on commercial diet firms, revenues lost
  • Major Developments of 2023
  • Staff Downsizing - 26,500 weight loss coaching jobs lost, coaches avg. salaries, no. of Coaches employed by company
  • Full-year 2023 sales/performance for the major firms (WW, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Medifast, Profile by Sanford)
  • Major segment developments since 2019
  • Key metrics for average brick & mortar retail weight loss centers
  • 2020 -2023 market segment performance, $ value of the market
  • 2024 Marketdata Forecast: $ size of the commercial programs market

Company Status Reports/Outlooks, 2023 performance & developments & current outlook. Marketdata commentary on their actions & strategies

  • WW International
  • Jenny Craig
  • NutriSystem
  • Medifast
  • Profile by Sanford

Medical Weight Loss Programs

  • Summary: - 2023 Status Report & Summary for all medical programs segment, a mix of types of medical weight loss programs
  • Discussion of how the pandemic affected operations of the hospital, MD, and clinics' weight loss programs, shift to virtual delivery, telemedicine

The Weight Loss (bariatric) Surgery Market

  • Analysis - no. of surgeries, 2023-2024 forecasts
  • Discussion of how the obesity drugs market has affected surgeries
  • 2021 -2023 market segment performance, $ value of the market
  • 2024 Marketdata Forecast: $ size of the market

The Diet Drugs Market

  • Discussion of a paradigm shift in the market, fueled by skyrocketing sales of Novo Nordisk's Ozempic, Saxenda, Wegovy, Mounjaro, Zepbound by Lilly
  • Discussion of drug prices, affordability by consumers, insurance vs. out-of-pocket, drug shortages, use of compounded Semaglutide, no. of prescriptions written, usage of older obesity drugs that are more affordable.
  • Discussion: problems with compounding pharmacy products, risks, use by medical spas
  • New drugs under development, market growth outlook, possible factors inhibiting growth
  • 2020 -2023 Rx obesity drugs market performance, sales, growth
  • 2024 Marketdata Forecast: $ size of the market

Hospital & Clinic Chains, MD programs

  • Summary & discussion, growth for regional medical weight loss chains/franchises, status report for Lindora Clinics, HMR
  • 2021 -2023 market segment performance, $ market size
  • 2024 Marketdata Forecast: $ size of the market

Bariatricians (obesity specialists) Programs

  • Summary & discussion: increase in caseloads, revenues, OAM membership, how the growth of obesity meds has affected the profession and practices
  • Interview with the President of the Obesity Medicine Association and a bariatric practice consultant
  • 2023 $ value, 2024 Marketdata Forecast: $ size of the market

Retail Meal Replacements & Appetite Suppressants Market

  • Status Report of the market: background for OTC diet pills, meal replacements, relative strength of each product, popularity with dieters, major brands

Meal Replacements

  • Analysis: spike in sales during the pandemic, why these products are so popular among consumers, medical and MLM weight loss providers
  • 2020 -2023 market segment sales performance, why sales are falling due to obesity
  • Drugs competition, data from Nutrition Business Journal
  • Media Radar advertising spend data for GOLO, estimated revenues
  • 2024 Marketdata Forecast

OTC weight loss supplements/diet pills

  • Analysis of market, headwinds, List of top producers, legal actions by 3 states to curtail sales to minors
  • 2020 -2023 market segment sales performance, the rise of GOLO
  • 2024 Marketdata Forecast

2022-2023 Company Profiles and sales performance, company outlooks

  • Slim-Fast (Glanbia plc)
  • Herbalife
  • Simply Good Foods (incl. Atkins Nutritionals)

Virtual Dieting - Weight Loss Apps

  • Summary & discussion of their appeal
  • Company Profile: Noom - company description, history, strategy, revenues, growth, problems, Noom enters the diet drugs market (Noom Clinical)

The Diet Soft Drinks & Artificial Sweeteners Market

  • The Diet Soft Drinks Market
  • Status Report: the move to zero sugar, diet's share of all carbonated soft drinks, findings of Beverage Industry, Beverage Digest: trends in flavors, packaging, pricing, consumer behavior.
  • 2020 -2023 market segment performance
  • 2024 Marketdata Forecast

The Artificial Sweeteners Market

  • Summary: Market closely related to diet soft drink consumption
  • 2024 Marketdata Forecast


  • 2000-2024 F artificial sweetener $ sales

Frozen Diet Dinner Entrees & Low-cal Foods Market

  • Definition of "diet" foods, discussion of dinner entrees, the major brands
  • Status Report: Reasons for the recent growth of frozen foods (healthy eating, convenience, Use by younger consumers) discussion, effects of the pandemic on usage, findings of Supermarket News, America, Frozen Food Institute, National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association
  • 2020 -2023 market segment sales performance
  • 2024 Marketdata Forecast

Reference Directory of Industry Sources

  • List/contacts for trade associations, trade journals, and market analysts

Companies Coverage:

  • Atkins Nutritionals
  • Glanbia (Slim-Fast)
  • GOLO
  • Herbalife
  • HMR
  • Jenny Craig
  • Lilly
  • Lindora
  • Medifast
  • Noom
  • Novo Nordisk
  • NutriSystem
  • Profile by Sanford
  • Simply Good Foods (Atkins)
  • WW International

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