ThinkCareBelieve: The World Needs A Hero Like Assange

Assange and the Libertarian National Convention

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WASHINGTON, May 31, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Julian Assange is still domiciled in a UK supermax prison. but he was one of the primary issues discussed at the Libertarian National Convention in Washington this week. ThinkCareBelieve feels this is an important trend that is building in America and something we should take seriously. Each candidate has been asked how they would handle the Assange case and what they say tells us a lot about this year’s potential candidates.

The Libertarian National Convention

The release of Julian Assange has escalated to a major decision issue for the U.S. 2024 election. Libertarian Party RFK Jr. has strongly campaigned on his promise to pardon Julian Assange on day one if elected. Notably Kennedy has picked up strong support based on this pledge evidenced at the growing number of attendees at the Libertarian National Convention this week. ThinkCareBelieve’s article covers President Trump’s latest remarks about pardoning Julian Assange as well as where other Presidential candidates stand on the issue. The reasons so many Americans feel this is an important issue is because of its implications for the future of free speech and press freedoms. They feel that the DoJ has wrongly continued its prosecution of Assange through the Biden Administration and that the Trump Administration should never have brought the charges in the first place. Many believe Assange did an honorable service for Americans giving them information about their government which has been important for them to know. Supporters have been calling for Assange’s freedom steadily for the past 5 years, and want action to be taken. A solid promise to free Julian Assange helps a Presidential campaign more than it hurts. A promise to end Assange’s prosecution would make a strong statement that a candidate is willing to right wrongs and take a strong stance on supporting the First Amendment and protecting the future of journalism.

ThinkCareBelieve’s Article

There is no question American voters are being more careful with their votes this time around. Morale is low and the world needs hope. The world needs a hero to be a guiding light through chaos toward order. Julian Assange shed that light on a number of essential issues that are critically relevant today. ThinkCareBelieve’s article covers Julian’s wife Stella, describing what Julian’s day is like, an overview of where the case stands now by Marjorie Cohn, past president of the National Lawyers Guild and a letter addressed to Attorney General Merrick Garland. Also in the article, how Julian Assange has influenced award winning artwork as well as an interview with ACLU Director of Speech, Privacy and Technology, Ben Wizner. Article can be found at:

Update on Investigative Journalist Stefania Maurizi's Work with FOIA Requests

Stefania Maurizi, author of Secret Power: WikiLeaks and Its Enemies, has been investigating the collusion between the U.S., the UK and Sweden to imprison WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange through FOIA requests. She has been on this investigation for 9 years and has made steady progress despite heavily redacted documents she usually receives. Now there is a cross-party group of Members of Parliament requesting an inquiry, by the Select Justice Committee, which is the justice committee of the UK Parliament, opening an investigation to shed light on what really happened between the Crown Prosecution Service, Washington and Sweden to keep Julian trapped in London labeled as a criminal, to lose all rights and be stopped from practicing journalism. Follow her on X for updates on her investigation (@SMaurizi), the results should be enlightening. Her update on X:

ThinkCareBelieve believes that when we take a look at the ideals and practices for which Julian Assange stands, we can see him as a man of integrity. He has a moral and social intelligence that shines through his work and his talks in educating the public on how to empower themselves with knowledge against a state of increasingly diminished rights. Julian Assange changed journalism forever by employing the practice of “Scientific Journalism” which printed the source documentation alongside the articles for verification of facts. He also pioneered the secure dropbox for whistleblowers to securely upload tips and information. Something so new and unconventional at the time, but is commonly used today.

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