Swiss Properties Invest has finalised the acquisition of an attractive commercial property in Koblenz in the Canton of Aargau

Press release/Investor news

Copenhagen, 1st of June 2024

Swiss Properties Invest AG has acquired a commercial property in Koblenz in the canton of Aargau.

  • The property has 5’023 m2 usable space and the land size is 7’673 m2.
  • The acquired property represents a very attractive opportunity to Swiss Properties Invest delivering on all four acquisition criteria stated in the IPO prospectus from 2022.
  • Management sees a further opportunity to increase the yield with the addition of solar panels.

With the successful acquisition of the property in Koblenz, Swiss Properties Invest has now acquired at total of 9 commercial properties.

For further information, please contact:
Swiss Properties Invest A/S
Kirsten Sillehoved, CEO
Mobile (+45) 52 40 71 52