KFSHRC Successfully Treats Severe Case of "Xanthoma" After 26 Years of Suffering


JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, June 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an era where healthcare innovation is paramount, KFSHRC Jeddah has made headway in the treatment of severe Xanthoma through the deployment of a modified plasma exchange protocol. This milestone underscores KFSHRC's position as a trailblazer in healthcare innovation and patient care, particularly in addressing complex cases.

Xanthoma, characterized by the accumulation of triglyceride-filled deposits beneath the skin, signals not just dermatological but deeper systemic health challenges. The condition's recurrent nature and the difficulty in finding lasting solutions have made it a focal point for KFSHRC's innovative treatment protocols. A notable case involved a 58-year-old patient who, after a 26-year battle with Xanthoma and seeking treatments globally from renowned healthcare institutions, found hope in KFSHRC's bespoke treatment strategy.

Central to KFSHRC's successful intervention was implementing a modified plasma exchange technique, tailored specifically to address the unique complexities of such severe Xanthoma, particularly tackling the patient’s extreme triglyceride levels and halting the disease’s progression. The integration of advanced apheresis technology and state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic tools enabled the team to understand the disease and its impact thoroughly, laying the foundation for an effective treatment plan. This effort was the culmination of a multidisciplinary collaboration among nutritionists, endocrinologists, and immunohematologists, who united to formulate a holistic treatment strategy. This therapeutic strategy is now published in JCEM, which is considered the world's leading peer-reviewed journal for endocrine clinical research and clinical practice. The treatment protocol combined dual action to mitigate the visible symptoms and address the root causes of Xanthoma.

Characterized by its precision and effectiveness, this technique marks a significant advancement in treatment modalities, introducing innovative ways to tackle conditions previously deemed untreatable, and thereby setting new standards in patient-centred care.

This comprehensive approach, which requires advanced expertise and cutting-edge skills in eliminating harmful biological substances via extracorporeal circulation, not only showcased the hospital’s adaptability and proficiency but also its commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical care.

"In addressing the patient’s challenging case of xanthoma, where multiple treatment modalities previously failed, we combined our clinical insights with an innovative application of modified plasma exchange, emphasizing our commitment to personalized healthcare," says Professor Ashraf Dada, Chairman of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at KFSHRC in Jeddah, who led the medical care team. "This method, though less common, was chosen for its potential to precisely target the patient’s specific condition."

This landmark achievement not only sets new benchmarks in medical care for challenging conditions like Xanthoma but also reflects the potential of innovative treatment protocols to significantly improve patient quality of life and contribute to the scientific community. As KFSHRC continues to pioneer medical breakthroughs, its stature as a global healthcare leader becomes increasingly evident. The institution's proactive engagement in medical research and innovation, alongside its dedication to sharing insights and fostering international collaborations, introduces new paradigms in the comprehension and treatment of complex diseases.

Further advancing these efforts, KFSHRC’s breakthrough not only provides hope for those with similar conditions but also places the institution at the forefront of medical innovation, highlighting its commitment to research, clinical excellence, and patient experience.

KFSHRC has retained its status as the leading institution in the Middle East and Africa for the second year running and ranks 20th globally among the top 250 academic medical centers worldwide. It is also recognized as the most valuable healthcare brand in the Kingdom and the Middle East in 2024, according to Brand Finance. Additionally, Newsweek Magazine has ranked it among the top 250 hospitals globally.

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