StorONE Targets Enterprises with Secure, Fast Backup, Archive, and Restores

StorONE showcases its solutions at VeeamON this week

New York, NY, June 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- StorONE, the only 100% software-defined enterprise storage platform delivering the most efficient high-capacity with high-performance storage solutions, will be showcased at VeeamON from June 3-5 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. StorONE is proud to be a silver sponsor of the event.

StorONE seamlessly transforms into a backup target, integrating flawlessly with Veeam. The platform brings three distinct advantages to the backup and archival use case specific to Veeam:

  • Maximized Drive Utilization: More data can be stored on fewer drives without the performance penalty of de-duplication.
  • Built-In Security: From immutable snapshots to multi-admin approval, data security is managed at the storage layer for rapid recovery.
  • Fast Restores and Production Capability: Unlike many backup appliances designed solely for fast backups, StorONE is a fully featured array capable of fast restores and running as a production copy if required, and has the necessary Flash resources.

“StorONE and Veeam are better together. Veeam provides for backup data movement and cataloging along with security features, while StorONE adds an extra, complimentary  layer of security, including multi-admin approval for changes,” said Gal Naor, CEO of StorONE. “StorONE also unlocks many advanced features of Veeam, as it is a fully-featured array that can be configured for backups and high-performance storage, allowing Veeam restores and data integrity features to operate efficiently yet at a dramatically less expensive price point than competing backup solutions.”

For more information, visit StorONE at VeeamON 2024 at booth S13.

About StorONE

Headquartered in New York, StorONE is the most versatile, flexible and efficient storage platform on the market. StorONE offers the only 100% software-defined enterprise storage platform delivering the most efficient high-capacity and high-performance storage solutions. It’s 100% enterprise software that abstracts hardware and software without any hardware dependency. 

StorONE provides ONE software solution for all storage use cases, supporting any storage protocol, disk type, or location, whether on-premises or in the cloud. By integrating data integrity, retention, protection, replication, and security features into a single product, StorONE simplifies operations without requiring additional applications or payments.

With an eight-year investment in completely rewriting the storage stack from the ground up, StorONE maximizes drive utilization, dramatically reducing the number of disks required and providing state-of-the-art data protection against security threats.

Our solution solves one of the biggest storage pain points by supporting different disk types on the same volume, ensuring future-proofing without migrations, and extending to future AI capabilities to maintain data value for potential business use.

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