SEO Jesus Awarded The “Best SEO Speaker” at The Affiliate Gathering 2024 in York

London, UK, June 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Stewart Lister Vickers, a renowned figure in the world of search engine optimisation (SEO), otherwise known as SEO Jesus, is proud to announce being recently awarded the “Best SEO speaker” at The Affiliate Gathering 2024 in York.

The event is the UK’s biggest meeting of content creators and niche website entrepreneurs, where experts within the industry can network and share valuable insights into their affiliate marketing journey. Stewart Lister Vickers was happy to receive the accolade, which was voted by James Dooley, who said, “Stewart Vickers is one step ahead of the competition and provides great insights for advanced SEO strategies”.

To earn his title as “Best SEO speaker”, Stewart Vickers utilised his extensive expertise from over a decade of experience in the SEO industry and bestselling book “YouTube Millionaire Mastery: The Agency and Consultant’s Guide To 7-Figure Success” to provide key methodologies that anyone can replicate to achieve extraordinary results in SEO and digital marketing, as well as discussing the intricacies of parasite SEO, advanced indexing strategies and how to rank #1 in Google Search.

As the charismatic host of the popular SEO Jesus YouTube channel, which boasts an impressive 60,000 subscribers and 50,000 monthly viewers, Stewart Vickers is invited to speak at many of the largest search engine optimisation conferences. Immediately after his success at The Affiliate Gathering 2024, he spoke to 1000 business owners at Expert Empires in London alongside Daniel Priestly and Wim Hoff on Friday, May 31st.

Leading a 7-figure SEO agency that has gained an extraordinary reputation as the go-to resource for businesses looking to improve their online presence and visibility, Stewart Vickers leverages his experience to create bespoke presentations for each event that focus on demystifying complex concepts, providing practical tips and actionable advice that attendees can start implanting right away.

Through his popular YouTube channel, SEO Jesus, Stewart Vickers demonstrates his variety of techniques to engage an audience and keep them involved, including utilising real-life examples, interactive polls, and lively Q&A sessions. This immersive approach showcases Stewart Vickers’ SEO passion and has consistently proven to empower attendees at each stage of their career and across a range of speciality subjects, such as white hat and black hat link building, YouTube SEO and monetisation, blogging and how to run a 7-figure agency or productised service.

Whether businesses are seeking to master YouTube for business growth or pivot affiliate sites into resilient, AI-proof enterprises, Stewart Vickers’ guidance promises to be both enlightening and transformative. With over a decade of experience in the industry, an array of highly acclaimed international SEO speaking appearances, and a passion for helping businesses succeed online, he is the perfect choice for any SEO event or workshop.

Stewart Vickers encourages businesses or event organisations searching for a knowledgeable and engaging speaker to teach their team about the importance of SEO to get in touch today via SEO Jesus’ social media channels or YouTube.

About SEO Jesus

Stewart Lister Vickers, otherwise known as SEO Jesus, is a highly respected and distinguished international SEO speaker who shares his specialist expertise from his 7-figure SEO agency to offer individuals accessible fundamentals on affiliate marketing, digital PR, keyword research and local SEO. With his popular SEO Jesus YouTube channel, which has skyrocketed to over 60,000 subscribers, and a dedication to helping businesses grow through advanced, innovative strategies that deliver tangible results, Stewart Lister Vickers offers expert guidance to increase sales, generate leads, and improve brand awareness to help businesses achieve their online goals.

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