Workera Receives Awardable Status from the Department of Defense Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office’s Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace

Through Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace, government buyers will be able to quickly search and procure Workera’s solution to responsibly and safely accelerate the adoption of skills verification technology across federal agencies

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Workera, the leading AI-agent powered skills technology platform, today announced that it has achieved "Awardable'' status through the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office's Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace. The Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace is a digital repository of post-competition, readily awardable pitch videos that address the Department of Defense’s (DoD) most significant challenges in the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), data, and analytics space. With Workera’s advanced skills verification and assessment capabilities, federal entities can now measure competencies, gain critical skill insights, and strategically reskill and upskill their workforces, aligning with the Department of Defense's focus on skill-based hiring and workforce development.

The Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace is the premier offering of Tradewinds, the Department of Defense’s suite of tools and services designed to accelerate the safe and responsible adoption of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data, and analytics capabilities. Awardable companies are selected after thoroughly competitive procedures that satisfy the competition requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulation, the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement, and other applicable DoD policies.

"The growing need for AI skills is essential, which is why adding Workera to the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace adds value beyond just providing a contracting pathway for firms. Workera's participation demonstrates the Marketplace's dedication to providing the Department of Defense with the technology needed to verify and assess the skills housed within their organization," said Mr. Ben McMartin, CDAO's Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace Manager and Industry liaison at the Applied Research Institute.

Powered by the most granular skills dataset in the world, Workera’s skills engine can precisely verify proficiency in over 10,000 skill domains, including artificial intelligence, deep learning, cloud computing and more. Leveraging those verified insights, Workera then develops personalized assessments for workers across thousands of critical and emerging skill areas to upskill as efficiently and effectively as possible. Leading organizations, including the U.S. Air Force, Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Siemens Energy, use Workera to maximize the full potential of their workforces.

"Learning velocity is the new competitive advantage, and while we anticipated AI would transform the tech industry, the rapid pace of change has exceeded our expectations," said Kian Katanforoosh, CEO and Founder of Workera. "It's crucial to identify the best pathways to proficiency, especially for the public sector, which serves a diverse workforce and reaches millions in need of AI-related skills. We are thrilled to support federal agencies in equipping their teams with the technology skills required to effectively integrate AI into their operations."

Workera’s video, Skills Technology for the Federal Government, accessible only by government customers on the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace, presents real-world use cases in which the company can objectively and precisely verify an existing workforce’s skill proficiencies, and then provide the exact insights needed to upskill in areas critical for innovation, safety and success.

Workera was recognized among an extremely competitive field of applicants to the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace whose solutions demonstrated innovation, scalability, and potential impact on DoD missions. Government customers interested in viewing the video solution can create a Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace account at

About Workera
Workera is pioneering the future of skills technology, reimagining how organizations align business needs with verified skills data to future-proof their workforce and more effectively meet their strategic objectives. As the #1 trusted skills technology across the Fortune 500, Workera offers unparalleled insights into workforce capabilities, leveraging a state-of-the-art skills ontology and cutting-edge AI to provide the most precise skill measurements available. With Workera, businesses can strategically align teams, accurately identify and bridge skill gaps, and optimize talent allocation with unprecedented efficiency. Our commitment to delivering measurable and verified skill data empowers business leaders to not only manage their workforce more effectively, but also to harness the full potential of their human capital. Workera was named in Fast Company’s exclusive Most Innovative Companies list for 2024 alongside Microsoft, Canva, and others leading the AI revolution. Discover how Workera is helping future-proof workforces at Accenture, Siemens Energy, Belcorp, The United States Air Force, and Samsung at

About the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace
The Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace is a digital repository of post-competition, readily awardable pitch videos that address the Department of Defense’s (DoD) most significant challenges in the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), data, and analytics space. All awardable solutions have been assessed through complex scoring rubrics and competitive procedures and are available to Government customers with a Marketplace account. Government customers can create an account at Tradewinds is housed in the DoD’s Chief Digital Artificial Intelligence Office.

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