ThreatLocker® Launches Complimentary Cyber Health Report for Foreign Software Amid Proposed U.S. Ban

New initiative empowers organizations to assess and strengthen their cybersecurity ecosystem, ensuring compliance and enhanced security

ORLANDO, Fla., June 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ThreatLocker®, a leading provider of Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions, announces the launch of its free systems cyber health report to provide visibility into IT environments to analyze and diagnose the risks occurring within their systems, including foreign software. This initiative comes in direct response to the proposed U.S. ban on foreign software, aiming to help organizations assess and secure their foreign software ecosystem.

The White House recently announced steps to execute an executive order to ban the use of Kaspersky products and services for all businesses, private entities, and individuals across the U.S. This ban, already enforced in U.S. federal agencies, stems from growing concerns over national security. Software running on business computers can potentially access data or networks and Kaspersky has been accused of incorporating so-called "backdoors" into their software.

Amid growing concerns about the vulnerabilities posed by foreign software, ThreatLocker®'s new offering delivers comprehensive health checks, vulnerability assessments, and actionable insights—all at no cost. This proactive approach empowers enterprises to address potential security threats ahead of time and stay compliant with emerging regulations.

ThreatLocker® acknowledges these national security concerns but also recognizes that the risks are not limited to foreign software. The SolarWinds attack in 2020 starkly illustrated that U.S. software companies can also introduce significant vulnerabilities. This underscores the need for comprehensive security measures regardless of software origin.

“Many companies don’t realize how many different foreign applications they have running on their machines and how those applications have the ability to access data,” said Danny Jenkins, CEO of ThreatLocker®. "Our cyber health report is designed to provide organizations with the tools and knowledge they need to identify vulnerabilities, safeguard their operations, and comply with the new regulatory landscape.”

The report will outline a list of all applications within a business environment, including the countries in which they are developed and the data in which they can access. To accompany this offer of a free systems health report, ThreatLocker® is also offering:

  • Free demos of each ThreatLocker® product to provide insight into how they proactively defend the environment from foreign software.
  • Free trials of the ThreatLocker® Zero Trust Endpoint Protection Platform to implement least privilege technologies and harden environments.

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