Joliet Roofing: Contractor Ready to Support Local Community Amidst I-80 Bridge Replacement Project

Joliet Roofing steps up during I-80 bridge replacement, offering essential roofing support from their partners, ensuring structural integrity during construction.

Joliet, Illinois, June 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the closure of I-80 in Joliet for a bridge replacement, Joliet Roofing powered by TNT Construction is stepping up to provide necessary roofing support and inspections for residents and businesses potentially impacted by the extensive construction work. The company recognizes the importance of maintaining structural integrity during large-scale projects to offer timely and efficient roofing solutions.

On April 10, 2024, the I-80 near Joliet closed to replace the bridge carrying Briggs Street that runs over it. The $7.3 million project involves replacing the existing bridge with a new structure to accommodate the widening of I-80, which is anticipated to be completed by the end of this year.

The project is a big step in improving safety and mobility and creating economic opportunities for years ahead. Drivers who frequent the I-80 are encouraged to slow down and pay extra attention while driving in or around the work zone. Motorists can expect delays and are urged to start commuting early to allow more time for trips through the area.

As one of the country’s three coast-to-coast interstates, I-80 runs through Will County and Joliet, carrying an average of 80,000 vehicles a day. Because of the heavy congestion, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) conducted an outreach program, partnering with local municipalities and the public to create a reconstruction plan that meets the needs of the communities I-80 serves.

During this construction period, Joliet Roofing connects local clients with licensed and insured contractors for inspections and maintenance. As a company deeply rooted in the Joliet community, its commitment extends beyond roofing services. The team enhances homes and engages in initiatives, supporting local causes and organizations.

Well-versed in diagnosing roofing issues like minor leaks and extensive structural damage, the roofing company joliet believes in addressing problems at the root, ensuring a home gets a quick but lasting solution. They provide transparent and detailed explanations, giving clients peace of mind and confidence in the structural integrity of their homes.

Joliet Roofing partners have seasoned contractors who know that a roof is a significant investment. The contractors bring technical proficiency and an artistic touch to new roof installation projects. The company's partners source products that meet and surpass industry standards, from high-quality shingles to advanced roofing systems, weather resistance, and energy efficiency options.

For gutter installation, the contractors take a personalized approach, customizing traditional and modern choices to suit the architecture. The process involves an assessment of the property’s drainage needs, the roof pitch, landscaping, and local climate to divert water effectively.

Beyond roofing solutions, Joliet Roofing's commitment to enhancing homes extends to new window installation services. The team works with clients to understand their preferences, goals, budget, and aesthetics to recommend various styles and materials.

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Established out of a passion for quality craftsmanship and a genuine desire to serve the community, Joliet Roofing has evolved into a cornerstone of excellence in the roofing industry. At its core, the company values safety, integrity, honesty, and durability, which guide decision-making so clients receive exceptional roofs and a satisfactory experience.

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